Gratitude Challenge Week 6

Gratitude Challenge Week 6

Week 6 topic is the city you live in and so I am going to talk about Seattle. I know that some of my friends do not like living in a city which rains Storm cloud  a lot but as for me, I don’t mind. I am so grateful for my city and the first reason is that it almost never SNOWS Open-mouthed smile . After living in Ireland for 6 years, I am used to the gloomy dark weather and rain. I was not going to do well in a city with either too much sun or snow. And if you don’t know, I absolutely HATE snow. The reason we moved to Seattle is that it barely has 2 days of light snow a year. I can’t stand the cold. My extremities get cold in winter and I hate that. I also don’t do well in extreme heat. So Seattle suits me with 3 months of perfect Summer and the rest of the year mostly rain, I am ok with it.

I am grateful that Seattle has lot of interesting places to see. I love that you can travel to the next state in just 3 hours. We love driving Auto to Oregon and Canada in summer. We travel there every summer and they are beautiful. I love Oregon coast and they are one my favorite place. I love that this city is multi-cultural and that why you can get multi cuisine Plate here. And I love that everybody are nice and not rude like people in New York (and yes, I think people in NY are rude) . I love that there are lot of Indian out here, Indian shops and Temple. I also am grateful that I have lot of option for my daughter to learn our Indian culture. I am grateful to this city for giving me some fabulous Friends.

And Finally, I am grateful that Seattle has been good to us Red heart.

My Journey into the World of Filofax

My Journey into the World of Filofax

Disclaimer - This article is going to be picture heavy and information about lot of stuffs you won’t be interested in :) .

And if you reader are thinking “What the heck is Filofax? ” then let me enlighten you about that world. In a world of planner, Filofax is the Louis Vuitton. Yup, the top most popular brand of the planner. I have gotten obsessed with them and when I say obsessed I mean, I am seriously thinking of spending about $130 on them :D . If you asked me about Filofax last October, I would have no idea about them but right now I know most of the things about planners, brand, stationary, where to get them, etc, etc. And you wonder how I got into this world? Let the story begin.

Look at the charm :)

It all started last November. I have used an A4 folder to use as a planner for almost 2 years and I wanted a change. I also read an article about how we all have moved to the smart phones instead of actually writing it down on our planner. So then began my journey of looking into the world of planners and lo behold, I found Filofax. Do you know there are millions of people obsessed about their Filofax? :D . I found groups, pages and blog about them. They also show how you can change the planner to suit your needs. So I began to plan.

I needed a planner binder and of course, I am not going to spend $50 least on a Filofax :) so I began to search for other options. And one day while I was watching some YouTube videos on planner :roll: , I found a lady talking about her Filofax which she found in Goodwill. That gave me an idea, I started browsing the Value Village near my home in their office section almost every week and was hoping for a binder. And within 2 weeks, What do I find? Filofax :D <3 and the model is Carnaby. You have no idea how happy I was, It was beyond happiness which was equivalent of hitting Jackpot for me :D . I couldn’t believe it. I kept checking it out and was scared that someone will recognize its value and will start fighting with me for it ^^’ . And the price I paid was $1.99 :twisted: .

I was in high for few days and I kept touching it to see if it was real :lol: . And then my obsession started. I researched about accessories, printable, pens, Stickers, washi tape, post it’s, etc ,etc. I wanted to know all about planner and I loved reading blogs about how they decorate it and how they used it. I was obsessively researching about it and finally I was ready to use it by December 22nd :) . I printed all the things necessary and I got the printables from other blogs which were free and it took hours and hours of searching Google. I got beautiful accessories from Etsy, Daiso and World Market.

While I was researching about printing, I realized that you have you cut the paper for the right size or print them in the A4 size and cut them and I wasn’t happy with all the effort. And I found a blog which gave me a perfect idea. It even had a template of how to mark the A4 paper into the right sizes and take them to the FedEx office to have them cut :D . It was perfect. I also had to struggle with the printer but I finally found the way. I was beyond excited when I started printing. I got the printer paper with 24 lbs since 20 lbs was too thin and you can’t print on both sides of the paper. I also had to get the card stock paper for printing the Divider pages and other pages.

Folder page

Once the planner was ready, I started using it religiously.

Monthly section
Weekly Section
List Section

The Folder section which I have are:

Monthly – at the moment I am using them to keep an eye on the daily steps.

Weekly – all my appointments, to-do list and menu preparation

List – reading list, shopping list, wish list, expenses during travelling, pet expense, Pet treatment, Brain dump and blog post ideas.

Misc – Storing empty pages

Page Marker from Daiso

I will also list the places where I got the stuffs for my planner,

Printables – My life in all one place, Lime Tree,

Cycle Page Marker – World Market

Planner Charm – Etsy Shop from here. They sent it from UK and it took about 5 days and it was perfect. I am freaking happy with this charm.

Dividers – From Lucy’s blog. They are freaking amazing. I LOVE them.

Washi Tape, Page Marker – Target, Daiso

Post it’s , Tab post it’s – Staples

And yes, that is how much pens I have :)
Washi Tapes

And that is how I got converted to Filofax. I am so excited about sharing these with you. Does any of you have these? Are you obsessed with them as I am?

Gratitude Challenge Week 5

Gratitude Challenge Week 5

Week 5 topic is Something Someone Gave You. I am going to go with something which I treasure. The first thing I could think of is the cards, letters and text sent to me by my hubby. This was during our engagement period when he lived in Dublin and I lived in Chennai. He used to send me a text all the time and he even jokes now about how much he spent in the phone bill during those time. He sent me letters and cards and I still have them. I saved them because they remind of those precious days where it was all about getting to know each other stage.

I have saved all his text and by that I mean I used to type all his text in the word document everyday :D . Yup, I did that :D . I still treasure all his letter and he seriously is a good writer. His letters and texts always made me smile. Ours was an arranged marriage and I could honestly say that I wasn’t expecting this kind of romantic period. I always think of this time as hubby wooing me. I remember him sending me huge bouquet of red roses for our first Valentine’s day (before marriage) which my brother teased me about :) . On my birthday, he sent me this huge box of essential oils which started my obsession of them.

I am definitely grateful for all those texts, cards and letter because it showed me how romantic my hubby could be. I am definitely grateful for those period which showed me that he will definitely treasure me.

Gratitude Challenge Week 4

Gratitude Challenge Week 4

Week 4 is a family member. I am going to talk about a family member who I admire the most. That family member is Gosh Patti (Grandma). She is the first family member who fascinated me. She is my Dad’s Aunt (married to his uncle and not blood related). She was married into a family of very old-fashioned people and went on a world trip with her husband who was a doctor by profession. I used to listen to her stories about her trip and what difficulties she faced there. She has these amazing stories. She used to live in UK until her husband passed away and she came back to settle in Bombay.

She lived alone and she was a fantastic cook. I was fascinated by her cookbook collections since she used to collect from all her travels. She loved cooking. I think that is the first time in my life that cooking interested me. She used to have this pasta machine and as a south Indian whose mom doesn’t cook much of other type of food, I was enthralled by it. She used to have different types of pickle in her house, eggplant, cauliflower, etc which I have never heard of.

Coming from an orthodox traditional family to living an independent women who has her own catering business, I was fascinated by her. I am totally grateful that she made me interested in the food. She is the reason I start collection cookbook. I still envy her collection. I am also grateful that she taught me that a woman can be independent. She has an amazing home and I was always awed by her decor’s. I wanted to be like her, to not to depend on anybody and to be confident.

I am definitely grateful for having met her in my life, even though I have met her barely 10 times in my life. She is still the one person I admire the most.

2 weeks of absence..

2 weeks of absence..

Hello Readers,

You might be wondering what is happening with me and Why am I not posting anything in my blog. The answer to that is VACATION :D . Yup, we had a lovely break and went to India for 2 weeks. Didn’t realize how little 2 weeks would be :( . I had this idea of blogging from India but didn’t imagine the jet lag for a week or even SLOW internet. OMG, it was slow. We actually don’t realize how spoiled we are with our fast internet. I was dreading checking my mail or even Facebook. It felt like it took forever but sometime the Internet wasn’t so bad.

The plane was tiring because of a bored Preschooler :roll: . Yup, She was talking non-stop and all I wanted was a quiet time :) . The jet lag was crazy. It took us almost a week to get back to routine sleep. We also celebrated out daughter’s 4th Birthday with her grandparents and relatives. She was super excited about her birthday cake. It had a Frozen picture and I didn’t realize that they don’t do this in USA for copyright issues. But Thank God, they do that in India :D .

With the Jet lag and busy 2 weeks, I wasn’t in a mood to blog from there and let me tell you, for blogging, I do need a quiet time for me to concentrate and that is so not happening with a preschooler running around all the time. So I just dropped the idea of forcing myself to write an article. FYI, I know that I am behind on my Gratitude challenge so I am just going to cover all the week I missed by next week. I think its going to be a week of Gratitude article next week :D .

I do have some lovely idea of the article and I did take some pictures before I left for the vacation. So look forward to that. On the other note, after we returned from our vacation, Guess what happened? Yup, got SICK. The same head cold with slight asthma I got in December :( . I absolutely hate it. I am physically tired but mentally bored and that is a worse combination. I want to go out but just don’t have the energy to do so. With every 4 hours of my inhaler and 6 hour of nose drops, I am wishing that I could sleep away my sickness :) .

That is the reason for my absence. I know that I told you guys that I would be regular. But come on, You have to give me a break if I am sick :) . So hoping that I will regularly post articles from next week.

Gratitude Challenge Week 3

Gratitude Challenge Week 3

Since I missed last week’s challenge, I am going to do 2 of the challenge this weeks. Week 3 topic is Family. I am going to talk about my very first family which are my parents and relatives.

I am grateful for my family. They have shaped my life so far. Every family has their pros and cons, and yet you love them no matter what. I guess you can’t help yourself. I am definitely grateful for the education they gave me. I am definitely grateful for the family values I have learnt from them. After meeting people from around the world, I am most definitely grateful for learning to keep in touch with all your family members and friends.

I am grateful that they taught me about how to manage each person since everyone of them has a different personalities. I am also grateful that they could afford to educate and make a good life for us.

Cream Eyeshadow by Victoria Secret and Maybelline

Cream Eyeshadow by Victoria Secret and Maybelline

I have always had a hit and miss with the cream eye shadows. I found that I like the matte cream eye shadows and my favorite is the MAC paint pot. They are just perfect. It covers the dark eye lids and make it looks natural. So I went and bought the metallic cream eye shadow just to try it.

Maybelline Color Tatoo Metal in 70 Barely Branded

The Packaging is in a pot which is like MAC paint pot which I love. I think I got this probably 2 years ago, I know :roll: , I am just writing a review on it. The color looks like a beige with a yellow undertone color with some metallic element. When you apply on the lids, it goes easily but it’s not opaque enough to cover my dark eyelids. And I don’t think this color suits me at all. And I could see some creasing in my eyelids by an hour or so :( .

And I haven’t been reaching for this product. I think I used it only once and I knew that it wasn’t for me. Overall, I think you could give this a miss or maybe this color will suit you :) .

From L to R : Barely Branded, Golden Lights
Victoria Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer in Golden Lights

I got this in a clearance for few bucks and thought it would be great to try them. The packaging is in tube which is easy to use. The formula itself is like a semi-liquid. It goes on sheer golden lights. I do like the color but I have the same issue. It does not cover my dark eyelids. And it does crease on my eyelids :(

So I am thinking maybe I should stay away from the glittery cream shadow and check out their matte cream shadow. Maybe there is a haul in the near future :D .