Nail #51

I got Nails Inc nail polish in Bond Street in a Sephora Clearance. I have never tried this brand so I decided to get them.

Color – Deep Purple

Finish – Gel Effect, Glossy

Formula – Smooth and non-streaky

Packaging – You have to pull off the cap and then there is one more cap inside to twist and turn. Very sleek packaging

Coats – 2 coats, 1 is enough

Price – $5 on clearance

Verdict – I do like it but I don’t love it. Maybe if I get some fun colors then I might enjoy it :) ,

Setting Powders

I have been using these 2 setting powders for a long time and I have never talked about it. One is found in a drugstore and other is in Sephora.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 005 Silky Beige 

I wanted a matte powder to just set my concealer and my areas in the T-zone. They retail for about $5.49 or so in the drugstore. This is an awesome product. It doesn’t makes my skin cakey. I just press the powder with my brush or sometime with my puff sponge rather than rubbing it in. It does immediately makes my skin look matte especially in the t-zone and I love it. They also have it in translucent.

Cover Fx Powder in E60

I got this in Sephora when it was on Clearance. I think it was about $11 or so. I wanted to get this since it was a well raved product. The problem was the color selection. They named is with alphabets, really :roll: . How are we suppose to buy unless we are swatching every color? I hate when they do this. So anyway, they had only 3 colors and this matched the closest to my skin tone. Still, it was a tad lighter on my skin. It gives color to the skin as well. On days when I don’t feel like doing anything, I just apply this all over the face very lightly and it does the work :) .

From T to B : Silky Beige, E60

Nail #50

I know its been long since I have done some nail swatches and it is mostly because of motherhood :D . Believe me, I don’t have time to paint my nails and wait for it to dry. And if I do it then it chips within 24 hrs with all the hand washing I do with the toddler :roll: . But I do paint my toes and I don’t want to post a picture of my toes. But recently after looking at some of the bloggers, I found a way to swatch. I got a nail wheel :D .

So this week I was in Riteaid and I found a new display of Revlon and you can read all the details about this limited edition nail polishes in here . I loved the color and decided to buy them since I also had 20% off coupon and it was BOGO 50% on all Revlon . So I decided to try these colors.

Revlon Nail Polish in Pretty in Pink

Color – Deep Pink with a dash of red

Finish – Glossy

Formula – Opaque, Creamy

Packaging – Simple, brush is non-streaky

Coats – 2 coats

Price – Retails for about $4.99. Got BOGO 50% off and a 20% off coupon. Ended up paying $3 .

Verdict – It is a unique pink and I don’t have anything like this in my collection. I love it.

Revlon Nail Polish in Diamond Dee

Color – Pale pink with a pink and purple sheen, looks duochrome.

Finish – Glossy and pearly finish

Formula – Smooth, less color payoff than others but with 2 coats it looks beautiful

Packaging – Simple, brush is non-streaky

Coats – 2 coats

Price – Retails for about $4.99. Got BOGO 50% off and a 20% off coupon. Ended up paying $3 .

Verdict – This is a unique color. I have never had such a pale pink in my collection. I do love it.

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Matte Red Lipstick

I went to Target today and was browsing the beauty section (naturally) :D . There are lot of clearance items in there. I think they are renovating their beauty section. Anyway, I was in the Sonia Kashuk section and what do I find? The Christmas limited edition set are still there and it is on clearance :D . I already got the eye palette with the full price during Christmas since I was scared that it will be all gone :roll: . My eyes fell on the limited edition red lipstick and I knew that I had to have it :) . You know me, I do like trying new red lipsticks. It was on clearance for about $7.68 (What’s with the 0.68 cents :roll: )

The package is very attractive, cream with gold edging and the color is gorgeous. It is a deep red color, matte, absolutely no glossiness. It just glides on so smoothly and I certainly didn’t expect that from a matte lipstick. It looks perfect on the lips and it certainly brightens up my face :) . I cannot see any patchy areas in my lips and I am in LOVE with this one. I think this is certainly going to be one of favorite lipsticks.

So if you are in the Target then definitely check this out. Even for a full price, It is certainly worth it.

Lip Combo #2

You know I talked about Sonia Kashuk satin luxe lip color in Pink Punch being a bit odd for my skin tone? It was cool toned light pink which looked really odd on my lips. I made it work for me :) . I applied a dark lip liner which is a deep berry color. The lip liner I used is by Lancome Le Lipstique in Mauvelle. And it looked perfect purple color :) . The deep berry and the bubble gum pink color combo made it into a purple color which I love. It almost reminded me of the Estee Lauder lipstick in Plum Amethyst which I was obsessed about a long time ago. The lip liner is one of my favorite formula. It just glides on like a smooth gel and the color is so opaque. I haven’t used this for a long time and finally I made it work for me.

Sonia Kashuk Pink Punch, Lancome Mauvelle


Comic #89

Maria’s Day


TV shows I am loving

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon videos, I love watching TV shows continuously. When I am not reading books , I go through marathon of TV shows till I am sick of it :) . The shows I am enjoying at the moment are :

  • Leverage – Netflix has 5 seasons and I seriously love it. It’s like White collar show. It’s about bad guys doing some good with the help of a master mind.
  • Psych – Who doesn’t love this show? I think I watched this for the 2nd time. 6 Seasons baby :D .
  • The Big Bang Theory – I freaking love this show. I have 6 seasons of it and I love watching it again and again,
  • Murder She Wrote – I have watched this again recently. Thank god, Netflix has 12 seasons of it :D .
  • Ancient Aliens – Amazon Videos has this series and I am fascinated by it.
  • Veronica Mars – I was obsessed about this in January. Finished all 3 seasons in just 4 days.
  • Castle – I kinda like it. Romance and mystery.

And the not so loving TV shows are:

  • Hannibal – I hate it. ABSOLUTELY hate it. I can’t stand it. Half way through first episode, I felt sick :(
  • Justified – Boring
  • The Glades – so so

So what are your favorites recently, Readers? Give me some suggestions and I will check it out.

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