For the love of Planner

I have been on the hunt for a perfect life planner where you can manage your life, home and blogs in a same place. I have lost the art of writing with pens since I became obsessed with gadgets and smartphones. You never miss the paper until you are forced to deal with a paper and you realize that your handwriting is worst than a school kid :( . I wanted to get back to writing in paper and that is why I started researching about planner. I like the idea of writing everything I want to do. They say that if you write it down, you are more likely to follow it. I want a nice binder where I can print the pages I want. I started researching about it and realized that it is expensive. The ones which I like are super expensive or if its cheap, its heavy and bulky.

There are a lot of different types of life planners out there and every one has a drawback for me. The most popular ones are:

Erin Condren – expensive, like $55 and they are spiral bound meaning you can’t add any pages to it

Filofax – Super expensive. $60 for just the binder and you have to order the printables for like $20 or so. But if you want to print it yourself then you need a new puncher. A5 paper, printer compatable with A5 paper, printables for it. So that will be another $40 or so :roll: . If you check their website, for a nice binder you can spend upto $125 . Seriously, until I am a millionaire, I am not going to buy something that expensive.

Franklin covery – Same story. Expensive binder with a 6 ring or discbound which requires separate punches which costs about $40.

By the time I set up the planner, I would have spent about $200. But let’s not forget the accessories, the fancy pens, the post its, etc. After researching about it, I just cringed at the thought of spending that much money on just a planner. I have never even purchased a dress which is that expensive. I also browsed the ready-made planner sections in Target, Staples and Office Max and all I felt was *meh* . I am the kind of person who likes some thing new every few months and I thought if I could print my own then at least I could change the printables to spice up my planner :D .

Can you believe that it took me a whole 2 weeks to just gather all the information and let’s not forget that I was super obsessive about it, went to all the shops to check for other options and price options. It drove me crazy because I just couldn’t find the right option. The best I could think of is that a five star binder which I at least can bend like a spiral notebook while writing on it. And I also had to get a thick printer paper like a 24 lb one which will be thick enough that I can print it on both sides. But will it work, I still have to decide. I also have a blog section where I plan about the articles and much more for my blogs and I like it.

So maybe I will try to make it work for a month or two and then write a review on what worked for me. I have several printouts which I am exited about. Do you have a system like this? what kind of planner do you use and what works for you? Tell me about it.

Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe

With all the eye shadows in my collection, you begin to wonder, Need I more? I use them barely once a month and I have so many in my collection that I seriously don’t need any more of them. But then you read your favorite blogs and there it is, an article where they are obsessed by some product and of course you decided that you need them in your collection. Leave alone that you will have an exact dupe in your collection but it is not this exact product. You begin to talk your self out of it by telling yourself that you actually don’t need it. But then you see the drugstore ad of 40% off on that brand. Still you resist, I really don’t need it. But on a weak moment, you enter the drugstore and you still resist buying the product. But when you look at the product and then you begin to convince yourself. Come on, it’s 40% off, I can never get that exact price, “EVER” :roll: . Yes, and that is how I ended up buying this product :) .

Moving on, This is one of the popular eye shadows of Loreal. I got the color Bronzed Taupe and it is a lovely metallic taupe color with a slight bronze effect. Taupe is described as Brownish grey. And it is a lovely color. The packaging is one of the things which attracted me. The color of the product can be seen at the back of the package. The product is a mineral loose shadow but they are jam-packed in the pot that it looks like a creamy shadow. When you open the lid, it had a cover to protect the loose product. I remember that I hated the loose products because as soon as you open them, It goes everywhere since they are finely milled.

Overall, I do like this product but somehow I am not reaching for this product and also with my dark eyelids, it almost looks like a dark color with a sheen on it. But I do like the color.

Lip Products #2

I have a bunch of new lip sticks which has never been reviewed. I got most of them in sale.

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

I love the lip butters by Revlon. This is a beautiful orange color. They are the perfect tinted lip balms on the go. They definitely do not stain but the formula is so good to wear. They do seem like a sheer color. The packaging is beautiful with a transparent colored quilt like cover. It looks classy and I love that in my handbag. They retail for about $6.50 or so and I got them in Rite-aid when they had a 40% off sale going on. This is my most worn color during summer. It looks so good with a slight tan.

L’oreal Color Riche Liquid Lipstick in Rose Symphony

This is my first lipstick of this line. I wanted to try this one since it had great reviews though I was confused about what color to choose. After about 30 minutes or so in the shop, I finally decided on this color. It is a Rosy coral color. I think that is how I will describe it. It does show more coral on my lips. They are opaque and creamy but not long-lasting and it does not leave any stain on your lips. The packaging is very interesting. It is gold color with a see through plastic on the side where you can see the real color. This retails for about $9.99 but I got this when Rite-aid was having 40% off and I also had a $1 coupon on top of that :cool: . It was bargain I can’t miss. I do like the formula and I do understand why people like it. As for me, I like the lipstick which stains. So I use the stainable lipstick at home and top this while on the go and that works out for me.

From L to R : Tutti Frutti, Rose Symphony, Abstract Orange, Pretty Natural

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Abstract orange

This is a beautiful pretty burnt orange color with shimmers. This is on the bit of sheer side and it doesn’t stain your lips. I do like this color but the shimmer :eek: gets stuck in your lips once the lipstick wears off and I don’t like that. The packaging is the same black and gold. It retails for about $6 or so and I got this in Grocery Outlet for about $2.50. Since I love the super lustrous lipstick, I decided to try this but unfortunately I forgot to notice that it was a pearl formulation.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Pretty Natural

I was obsessed about having this color in my collection. It is a rosy nude and it has a creme finish. Most of the nude lipsticks I have has a brown or peach tone in them but this is the first lipstick which has a rosy tone and I absolutely love it :D . It suits my skin tone perfectly. The packaging is gold and it has a color at the bottom of the package. The package is very classy and I love them. The formula is amazing. This retails for about $5.50 and it is totally worth the money. I want to add more to my collection.

Nail #55

What do you know? I still have a lot of unreviewed nail polishes in my collection. I got this way back in April or May, I can’t remember it. But on the positive note, I am back on reviewing products :) . I am hoping to do at least 2 posts a week. I still have a lot of products to review which has been in my collection for the past 6 months or so.

Revlon nail polish in Inflame & Bonsai

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Polish in Inflame

Color – Red Orange or Bright Coral color.

Finish – Glossy

Formula – Creme, Opaque

Packaging – Simple round glass bottle with white cap

Coats – 2

Price – Retails for about $4.50 or so but I got them in clearance for about $1.50

Verdict – This is a brilliant formula. It is so smooth without any streaks. The color is what attracted me to buy this polish. But the problem is, this color doesn’t suit me. What I mean by that is, just imagine an olive toned skin person wearing Barbie pink lipstick :eek: . Yes, think about how weird it looks. I think if it was a tad bit darker than it would have suited me just fine. But I still love it.

Bonai & Inflame

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Bonsai

Color – Bright Green with yellow shimmer, almost like a lemon leaf green.

Finish – Glossy

Formula – Creme, opaque

Packaging – Simple round glass bottle with black cap

Coats – 2

Price – Retails for about $4.50 or so but I got them in clearance for about $1.50

Verdict – I love the Revlon nail formulas. They are so smooth and streak free. This is one of the most unusual color I have in my collection. It looks so subtle with my skin tone almost unnoticeable but I still love this one.

Art of making Thai Iced Tea

I am obsessed with Thai Iced Tea and I think it’s more to do with the flavor. They have a distinct flavor which I love and it is also very addictive. I always get these in Thai restaurants, Though I love it, I still don’t like the sugary taste of it since they do add a lot of sugar. So I decided to try it at home. I researched online and found that Pantai Thai Tea is a good brand to use. I found them on Amazon and it as like $7 so I decided to see if I could find it in Asian Market. And I did find it from our nearest Asian Market and it was $3.99 and I was like :yay: and I was so freaking happy I found it.

When I opened the package the first thing which I noticed is the smell. It smells flowery but I just can’t hit on the exact smells. After lot of research (yes, I wasted my time doing it), I found that they add Dok Nom Maew which is a flower found in Thailand. But today they add artificial flavoring which taste like that. Also a thing to keep in mind is that it has food coloring which gives it a distinct orange color tea. Personally, I don’t mind it. I did find a recipe but I did find it too sweet. So with trial and errors I finally found a recipe which works for me :) .


  • 16 oz/500ml Water
  • 1/4 cup Thai Tea Mix
  • 2 tbsp of Agave nectar
  • 1/4 cup of Half & Half
  • Boil the water and switch it off.
  • Add the tea leaves to the water and leave it for 5 min
  • Strain the water and leave it to cool off till its in room temperature
  • Then mix the agave and the half & half.
  • Serve it with some ice cubes.

Travelling to New York with a Preschooler

I have never wanted to travel to New York. I have this view of New York as seen on TV :) (I know) . But when we wanted to meet some family and friends we decided to go and see it. I wasn’t crazy about the flight with Preschooler and if you don’t understand what that means, then let me give you a picture. Miss. A is an active girl who constantly is on the move or talking non-stop. She also gets bored very quickly and you can imagine how I was dreading the 4.5 hrs flight to NY.

On the Flight

On the day of our flight, I still had the feeling that I was forgetting something. We had to leave home by 8 and it was actually not bad. She was on her best behavior. We had our breakfast in the airport and once we were on the plane, she started asking questions non-stop and then she had some snacks and surprisingly she slept for an hour :D . The flight was very smooth and she was good. Once we reached New Jersey where we stayed with family, she was confused since she was still on the west coast time zone. East coast is 3 hrs ahead of us. We had dinner and then she went to sleep at about 10.30 pm.

Things I got for the flight

  • snacks (cheerios, graham crackers, grapes)
  • Story books
  • Coloring books
  • Crayons, markers, pencil, eraser

Going around NY

Since we stayed in NJ, we took the path trains to NY and then subways in the NY. I didn’t realize that it was getting expensive since you have to pay about $2.50 every trip. But the best thing about it is that you don’t have to pay for children under 4 yrs old :cool: . I just wish they had a day pass because they only had weekly pass. My advice is to get the metro card and refill whenever you want.

Talking about travelling with a preschooler, the best decision would be taking an umbrella stroller. We have a city mini but decided not to take it since it is big and we had to walk down the stairs most of the times in the subway. It is a bit heavy and it would have been difficult to travel up and down with it most of the time.

We also got Safe Rider travel seat for her and I found that it was the best decision ever, best money spent :D . It is a replacement for those big car seat. We knew that we would be travelling in the car for visiting friends and family so we decided to invest in these. They are so easy to carry and we just carried them in our hand luggage. But the problem is, she didn’t like it. She found it constraining and not able to move freely. But I thought it was a great idea instead of travelling with a bulky car seat.

Safe Rider

Miss. A didn’t like NY much. She was overwhelmed by the crowd. We did take her to some kid friendly places and she did like it. The places she enjoyed are

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • American Museum of Natural History (loved the dinosaur bones)
  • Bryant Park (loved the carousal)

As for her food, we took her to lot of Indian restaurants and she was happy with rice, idli’s and roti’s. We also went to lot of french bakeries and she did have lot of desserts.

At the end of the day, it was an experience but I don’t think we would repeat that experience again. She was tired most of the nights and she was cranky about the time change and she didn’t have 11 hrs of sleep every day. But maybe next time I would plan it better. We didn’t visit most of the places and I really wanted to take her to the Central park but we were so tired.

I hope some of you readers with kids learn something from this article. At the end of the day, if our kids are happy then we will be happy as well. So take whatever is necessary to try to keep them happy.