Gratitude Challenge Week 14

Week 14 topic is A Talent you have. I found it difficult to find something to write about Open-mouthed smile. I finally decided on “Baking”. I love to bake and I have tried lot of recipes, some disasters Laughing out loud and some not Thumbs up. I enjoy baking and looking for recipes to try is one of my favorite things to do. FYI, I have never gone into the kitchen before my marriage so cooking basically started after marriage and it started with recipe books which I love collecting.

Baking just happened and I realized that I was really good at it. Though, I have never tried decorating a cake. I don’t like the icing just the cake Open-mouthed smile. One of my favorite recipe is the cinnamon rolls In love. They were so soft and just melted in the mouth. I love baking cakes a lot. I am not a fan of cookies but I did try the sweet and the salty variety. And the downside is eating the whole cake by yourself Disappointed smile and feeling guilty about it. Ah Well, that why I usually bake a cake just once or twice a month.

J. D. Robb–Naked in Death

Its been ages since I have reviewed a book in my blog and I think I have start doing it again. If you check out my Goodreads account, then you know that I read a lot of books Eye rolling smile . So I think it would be a good idea to review some of the best ones I have read.

Rating – 5 of 5 stars

This book was in my to-read list for sometime. Then one day I was in a mood for a mystery and there it was. It was recommended to me by a friend from Goodreads. I wasn’t expecting much and just started reading. Page 1 and I am hooked. I LOVED this book. The author is fantastic in shaping her mystery and the solving by a cop. The whole book is set in 2058 and it is kind of futuristic with all the technology but I loved it. I loved the fact that the hero of her book is a Female Send a kissThumbs up . This is the first in the series called In Death Series where you have 40 books Smile .

New York Detective Eve Dallas (Hero) is on a high profile Homicide case and she is not happy with all the interference in solving the case. Enter a suspect who is a self-made Billionaire Roarke (what should I call him? Let’s stick with love-interest) .  I was in love with the pair, they are not the normal lovely dovey romantic couple and the way they banter made me fall in love with them. Eve is not the type to get fall for “Pretty Face” Open-mouthed smile but the way Roarke got her attention is fantastic. He gave her “real” coffee which she loves (side not – coffee is artificial in 2058 and only rich people have real coffee) Open-mouthed smile. I especially love this excerpt :

“But Eve had already scented it, already—despite herself—begun to smile. “It’s coffee,” she murmured, unaware of the way her voice softened as she reached for the simple brown bag Mavis held. “Coffee.” Illusions shattered, Mavis stared. “The man’s got more money than God, and he sends you a bag of coffee?”
“Real coffee.”
“Oh, well then.” In disgust, Mavis waved a hand. “I don’t care what the damn stuff costs a pound, Dallas. A woman wants glitter.”
Eve brought the bag to her face and sniffed deep. “Not this woman. The son of a bitch knew just how to get to me.” She sighed. “In more ways than one.”

There are lot of characters which are repeated in all this book series. The side characters are intriguing and captivating as well. With the reading of dialogues between Eve and Roarke, I wanted more of them and I have to say that the author gives it to us in all her series. I love them more. Moving on to the story, she solves the murder and the way she did is fantastic. I love her thinking brain and the way she is in the interrogation room is fantastic. She is calm, confident and she only meets with the suspect when she has all the proof. She beautifully traps the killer. I love this series. I am on Book 31 and I still love her mystery solving skills. Though I have to say she has to spice up the characters because its getting monotonous.

“Roarke, what’s going on here?’
‘Lieutenant.’ He leaned forward, touched his lips to hers. ‘Indications are we’re having a romance.”

Roarke had to force himself not to snatch her up as she swept through the hallowed Senate halls. Members of the media were already leaping toward her, but she cut through them as if they weren’t there. “I like your style, Lieutenant Dallas,” he said when they’d fought their way to the car. “I like it a lot. And by the way, I don’t think I’m in love with you anymore. I know I am.”


It is the year 2058, and technology now completely rules the world. But New York City Detective Eve Dallas knows that the irresistible impulses of the human heart are still ruled by just one thing: passion.

When a senator’s daughter is killed, the secret life of prostitution she’d been leading is revealed. The high-profile case takes Lieutenant Eve Dallas into the rarefied circles of Washington politics and society. Further complicating matters is Eve’s growing attraction to Roarke, who is one of the wealthiest and most influential men on the planet, devilishly handsome… and the leading suspect in the investigation.

Gratitude Challenge Week 13

Week 13 topic is A Challenge you have overcome. And that would definitely be Pessimism. It was really hard to change the way I thought. I always expected bad things to happen to me and it was definitely a lifetime habit. But I had to change my habit and I slowly did. Everyday I used to read all the motivation quote and keep telling myself to think positively. Even if something didn’t happen the way I wanted, I always console myself by saying that Everything Happens for a Reason.

I am definitely grateful that I have overcome it, perhaps I shouldn’t say overcome because I still have days when I go back to my “bad” days but at least I have tried to overcome it and I think it will always be a lifetime process for me. I am grateful that I have tried positive thinking because it certainly made me try different things which I would never have done before. 

After a lot of thought…

I have always wanted to have a website of my own for my blog. It took me a year or more to decide for my own domain name. And it took me 18 months to decide that I am going to have an independent website of my own. Yes, I am finally going to plan my own website for my blog. It is taking lot of research and for a non-technology person like me, it is just taking forever Smile . I know exactly what I want my website to look and what I want in them.

The problem was not that I couldn’t do it but was if I am willing to spend some money on it. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel guilty spending money on frivolous things like website and blogs. I usually buy frivolous things only for my birthday. But then again I need to take it very  serious as to make it my priority to update my website. I have doubts about it but I am going to do it, after all if you never try, you’ll never know Smile.

I have also been researching about photography. My blog photos have come a long way from a point and shoot camera to a old DSLR . But I still need to take good pictures so that I can pin them on Pinterest. I have been researching about lightning, setup, etc, etc. It’s been a week since I have decided that I am going to go ahead with these changes and it’s a lot to take it in. Hopefully I can apply all these changes by the end of this month. I have lots of products to review and lot of topics to talk about. My plan is to post at least 3 per week in the initial stage of the website and take it along.

I have kept aside 2 days in a week for my blog in which I will be taking photos and plan the post and hopefully it will attract a lot of people. I do want to make my website successful, not like “millionaire” success but like I am going to buy a “planner” with my own money Open-mouthed smile. I am happy to be a stay-at-home mom but I need a hobby or creative outlet and this blog has been mine for the last 8 years. Yes, It’s been 8 years and I am still doing it. I do love doing it but sometimes I don’t have  creative energy.

I have lot of friends who I am going to ask about the topics they like to read and I am going improve on them. There are lot of successful bloggers out there and I know it is going to be a struggle to make it happen but I am going to try my best for the next 2 years. If I fail, then at least I have tried.

So readers, send me some encouragement and confidence because I really need it Winking smile

Gratitude Challenge Week 12

Week 12 topic is “Your favorite personality trait” .  I think it definitely would have to be Confidence  Smile. There is something about a confident person.  The way they decide things and the way they don’t have doubts once they decide something. Maybe that is why the work place prefers someone who is confident.

I believe that a confident person will know exactly what he wants to do in life. He will have a plan and he will follow it. As a planner and a list maker,  I am a fan of that.  Though I would not say that I am confident person, I really like people who are confident of themselves but in the arrogant and annoying way Open-mouthed smile .

Gratitude Challenge Week 11

Week 11 topic is Someone who inspires you. I can’t think of single someone but I am always inspired by working mother Flirt female. I don’t know how they do it all.

I am the laziest person around but to see some women who get up in the morning, get their kids ready, make lunch for them, leave them in the school and go to work. And in the evening, they pick up the kids, cook dinner, read stories/ homework and put them to sleep. They inspire me. They are doing so many things. I know a lot of working mom’s but to look at them, you would think that it is all so easy. There are some of them who are very creative during their spare time as well. They all inspire me to be better person.

Gratitude Challenge Week 10

Week 10 topic is List 5 things you like about you. I have to say this is difficult. It took me 30 minutes to write all the things I like about myself and then I chose things which I like the best Smile .

  1. My ability to read others – I have always trusted my instinct and I always knew when to avoid certain person Star
  2. Blogging – I actually like the fact that I am still sticking to blogging even after 8 years Thumbs up
  3. Cook – I am a good cook and I love to bake but only when my mood strikes Plate
  4. Practical – I am very practical. If I am solving a problem then I will think practically and not decide with my heart High five
  5. Loyal to the person who matter Red heart