My Favourite Quick Eatout – SUBWAY

Perhaps many of you will agree with me, Subway is the best fresh sandwich parlor. I totally prefer that to burger king or mcdonalds. They have a selection of footlong bread and the choices they have are about 5 types of bread ( I think). They have Hearty Italian, Italian herb and cheese (My Fav), Wheat, Plain and something else (can’t remember as i don’t buy them). You can have your filling followed by chesse and toasted ( which i prefer) and then comes the fresh veggies part (yumm). I usually have lettuce, onions, peppers and chillies followed by barbacue sauce. They have a variety of sauces such as chillie mayonnaise, plain mayonnaise, sweet onion, barbacue, hot chillie, etc.

I think this is a perfect healthy option to normal sandwich shops which are mostly cold and their fillings are so bland that you don’t feel like eating. Check out their website for different fillings. They are absolutely yummy and surprisingly they have a vegetarian option as well.


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