My Current Obsession – Eyeshadows

These days i am getting loads of eyeshadows. I have 2 palettes, one of different green shades and the other blue ones. Raajeev bought me a brown mineral eyeshodow and they are my favourite. They just blend in your eye lids. I have also ordered mineral eyeshadows about 10 of them online 😦 (i know, but i just couldn’t help myself). I have ordered a kaleidoscope mineral eyeshadow which changes colour according to the light. I am excited about trying them.

Till about a 3 months back, i was obsessed with lip gloss and lip balms. I seriously have about 8 lip sticks, 5 lip gloss and 4 lip balm. Raajeev is shocked that i have this much. His policy is you should buy only when you finish a product (ya right). We women need different colour for different occasions. I love getting my face done. I think way back, about 3 years ago, I was crazy about nail polishes. Lets see if my obsession changes within next year.


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