The Fine Art of Tea Making


I was just reading this book about tea making. As a typical indian, I like my tea with spices (of course). I usually add ginger and cardamom to my tea. Sometimes when i have some dry throat, i like to add a little bit of tea masala along with black pepper powder.

The book also had many herbal tea recipes. I seriosly hate herbal teas and everybody says its good for you, blah, blah but i just cannot swallow even a sip. I had this horrible camomile tea a long time ago ( which was my first herbal tea), believe me it made me stay away from all herbal teas. A friend of mine had this M&S citrus green tea and it was not bad at all.

This book also had a recipe of Kashmiri chai and they add almond powder to their teas (mmm, i wonder how it will taste). Next stop, almond powder in the supermarket. After i try it, i will definetely give you the recipe and my review of it.


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