Explanation for some commonly used sentences in “Chennai” Tamil

The Explanation in English is very funny.

A large part of Madras bashai is dedicated to exhibiting road rage and starting street fights. The most common is machaan or machi meaning brother-in-law as in Saala in Marathi/Hindi or malaka in Greek. Most common word to describe almost anyone.

1. Naina! Vootle solltiya? Saavugraaki! By calling the other person “naina” and asking him whether he has taken leave of his loved ones, the speaker indicates that his interlocutor is driving in a very unsafe manner. The speaker uses “saavugraaki” to emphasise the point, thus asserting his superior driving skills in the situation.

2.Sevulu avul aiyidum or Sevulu keenjidum Used to indicate that a slap will reduce one’s cheeks to powder.

3.Bulb adichaan da – Goofed up and caught red-handed.

4.Kuda irunde kundi adikarathu – Cheating friends.

5. Nee Saavarthukku En Vandidhan Kadichidha???
Didn’t you find any other vehicle other than mine to die. Often told by lorry, bus and car drivers to the person who crosses their path.

6.Un moonchile en peechang kaiye vaikka I’ll put my left hand on your face. A threat, as a person’s left hand is regarded as unclean. (This is due to the historic lack of toilet paper in rural areas.)

7.Soothadichu sunnambu thadvuradhu I’ll beat your arse and apply calcium. Calcium is known for its inflammatory properties on skin. In this case, calcium on a wound is even worse.

8.Aiyya monjiya paru Literally meaning “Look at that face” implying that it is unsightly to behold. Commonly used, especially by females to insult males.


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