I need a good concealer..

I went out today to search for a good concealer as the one which i have tends to get dry under my eyes and looks cakey. So i researched on concealers and realised most of the make-up enthusiast are using MAC concealers. But one of them also recommended the Revlon concealer. I talked with raajeev and he advised me on getting the MAC even though its a expensive one ( its 18 euros.. yupp.. you ladies read it right) rather than trying lots of cheaper ones, so i finally decided to go for MAC.

I went to BT2 to take a look at the MAC concealer and the lady there showed me a good one and it looked good on me. But i kept thinking if that was the good colour for my under eye. Then the trouble began 😦 , I went around to check for other stuffs. I went to the urban decay counter. I fell in love with one of their palette of eye shadows (GOD.. why.. why) and of course, guess what the price was…. 34 euros.. I really really wanted it. Then of course i had to try their eye pencils, which i have to tell you girls, they are the best. Other eye pencils which i loved was Bourjois (GOD.. they are amazing).

Anyhoos, i controlled my desire to buy and left the shop. Then i entered boots where i absolutely adore Barry M cosmetics. I went to their counter with a friend of mine and had to force myself (literally) to stop myself from buying their amazing dazzle dust eye pigments. Ladies, they are one of the best eye pigments ever and also less expensive than MAC. Of course, Boots had offers 3 for 2 on all cosmetics (GOD HELP ME..the temptation to buy is all around me). So i decided to leave the shop than to succumb to my urges.

So moving on to my buying concealer, I decided to come home and look up for more customer reviews on many concealers. So i am going tommorrow to the shops to check the following products:

  1. Maybelline Mineral Powder Concealer
  2. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
  3. Revlon Age Defying Face Primer
  4. Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer
  5. L’oreal True Match Concealer

So ladies, will blog in what i bought and how it was. I hope to GOD that i don’t buy anything else. SEE YA


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