I am having so much fun..

Hello Readers,

I am really having so much fun in India. Last week I was in chennai. It was raining heavily but still I went for shopping 🙂 . I bought about 4 salwars and lots of silver jewellery. I was quite surprised about the inflation but overall you have lots of choices. Of course, i checked out the cosmetics. I absolutely loved the Lakme Bridal collection. They have introduced lovely bright colour liquid eye liner and of course i bought 4 colours (gold, purple, blue and green). I am tempted to buy a compact powder in Lakme as they will have the correct colour to suit my skin tone.

And of course I should talk about the food. I had loads of chats and south indian foods. I felt like a starving lady when i saw all those food (drool). Though i have not put on any weight, i am maintaining it (Thank God).

I am in bhilai right now. We have some plans of going on vacation to andaman but don’t know for sure. WIll know in 2 days. Otherwise, i am having a good time. But i miss my kitties. Every day i wonder how they are and if they are missing me, etc. I really really miss them.


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