My Bargain Cosmetic Shopping :)

Today I did go to the debanam’s sale inspite of telling myself not to go. I told myself that i will not buy anything and i will just window shop and come back. I went to the home section first and they had 20% off on everything, Impressive. I saw people who are buying about 4-5 kitchen appliances and I realised they are doing their christmas shopping. I love going to the home section and If i like some appliances I would imagine it in my perfect kitchen (in my perfect imaginary house, of course). 

Of course, I went to the handbag section and drooled at my favourites. Slowly, i started walking towards the perfume section and people were buying about 3-4 bottles. They had Paris Hilton’s perfume for half price. I realised then that i would finally end up in the cosmetic section which i dreaded. I took a deep breath and went to the cosmetic section. They had the 20% off as well, very tempting. I went straightly to the sale basket and to my shocking surprise, it was filled with stufs for 1 euros (yayyyyyyyyyy).

I was like a kid opening a birthday present 🙂 . I picked up everything i loved and i was still in shock. I bought about 11 stuffs ( I know.. don’t lecture). I told myself that they were cheap and i would never get that good a bargain. Finally after about 45 minutes near the sale basket, i picked up 11 stuffs which i wanted (not needed) 🙂 . These are the stuffs i bought,

  1. Bourjois Eyeshadow, 55 Bleu Myosotis (Light Blue) – 0.80 cent
  2. Bourjois Eyeshadow, 16 Ambre Nude ( Nude ) – 0.80 cent
  3. Bourjois Lip Gloss, 3D Les Nudes (peach) – 0.80 cent
  4. Bourjois Mascara, Lengthening and Curving Mascara – 0.80 cent
  5. Bourjois Lipstick, 20 Rose Precieux ( natural pink) – 0.80 cent
  6. Bourjois Nail polish, French Manicure, white – 0.80 cent
  7. Rimmel, Lasting Finish Lipstick, 9 to 5 (nude brown/pink) – 0.80 cent
  8. Rimmel 60 seconds Nail polish, Zeitgeist ( metallic colour of purple, green, blue) – 1.80
  9. Rimmel Lash Maxx, Eyeshadow Pencil, Pink Impact – 2.10
  10. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick, Nude Bronze – 1. 60
  11. Bourjois Pastel Teint, Pressed Powder, Rose Plaisir – 4.77

So altogether i ended up paying 16 Euros ( yahooooo). Seriously, I am still in shock. That was one of the best bargain buy i ever had in my life 🙂 . Though the sale basket said they were 1 euro, i got a 20% off that as well (heeee). I am still walking in the cloud with all these haul.


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