I am on budget…

I am on budget from this month. I know !!! Raa told me that i get to spend 60 euro a month on myself and not more. I actually thought that i can easily manage on that. But the reality is really surprising. Its just a week gone and i have already spent about 23 euros and none on cosmetics 😦 . Can you believe it?? There is still 3 weeks to go and i am thought i will save this month as well so that i could get loads of stuffs on after new year sale. Hopefully i should have left overs.

I love beauty blogs and I keep browsing them all the time. And when they review about a new product, I  drool and it gets added on to the list of “when i have some money”. I  know everybody has one of the list and so do I. Of course, its a long list 🙂 . And of course, I want all the stuffs i see. On top of my list is the MAC concealer and the favourite one is coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer palette.

Tommorrow I will tell you guys what i bought on my newry trip :). Stay tuned.


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