Personality Traits

I found a book called Personality Traits and they were listing out the traits according to the month. Here is my traits according to this book,

  • Active and dynamic (mmm)
  • decisive and hateful but tends to regret
  • attractive and affectionate to oneself
  • strong mentality
  • loves attention (definetely)
  • diplomatic
  • consoling
  • friendly and solves people’s problems ( i guess so)
  • brave and fearless
  • adventurous (very true.. i love going to new places)
  • loving and caring
  • suave and generous
  • emotional (very true as well)
  • revengeful
  • aggressive
  • hasty
  • good memory (not during my studying days)
  • moving
  • motivate oneself and others
  • sickness usually of the head and chest ( i do have sinus)
  • easily get too jealous

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