Happy New Year Readers..

Hello Readers,

Hope you had a great year.

I went to a gathering last night for the new year. And I thought why not make a cake for the dessert. So after a long argument with myself I decided to do brownie as I already had all the ingredients. I started making them by 3 pm and it seriously took me longer as i had to melt the chocolate in the butter, then add the ingredients slowly and mix gently, etc, etc. I thought there will be more people so i added more of the flour to the brownie mixture. The final mix was more than it was suppose to be so i added milk to make it the right consistency.

And then i had to search for a pan to bake it in as the one i had before is small for the amount i made. So i decided to use the disposable thicker oven pan (usually used to bake chicken, etc). Then the disaster struck 😦 . As the brownie mixture was thicker in height in the pan. I had to bake for a longer time and by the time the centre part was baked properly, the side ends got burnt and got like a biscuit 😦 . Seriously, all I could think was “Why now??.” By the time it was ready it was already 5.30 pm so I decided to take it to the party anyway. By the time, dessert were served. I had to cut the side out and of course the middle part was still burnt in the top and baked rightly in the centre. Man, I was so mad and so embaressed as well.

So my readers, this is my disaster on the new year’s eve. Anyone have disaster stories?? Doesn’t it always happens when you need stuffs to be right??


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