Review: Tesco Medicated Lip Balm

I am an absolute lip balm addict. Everytime i go to boots or any shop, somehow i look for the lip balm section. I have about 4 different lip balms in my purse, 2 in my bedside table, 1 in my couch (ya.. I know.. Lazy to get up from my couch) and about 4 new ones which is unopened in my shelf 🙂 . I tend to buy all kinds of lip balm, starting from vaseline to new brands. I have vaseline rose flavor ( i know… i love the smell) in my stash and of course lots of body shop ones which hubby bought me in his last visit to US of A.

So the last time we went to tesco for our weekly shopping, i was trying to find what they had in this cosmetic section and lo behind, their brand of lip balm caught my eye. So i had to get it 🙂 and it was also cheap like 1.05 euros. And this is my current favourite.

My Review

I bought this lip balm and decided that it will be one of the brand which doesn’t do anything to your lips but just form a layer of grease on your lips (like vaseline). And I have to say i am pretty impressed by this lip balm. It has a plain packaging and it doesn’t say anything about ingredients. All its says is “protects against sun, wind and cold.” The reason why its my current favourite is because it actually moisturises your lips (tada). Seriously, I didn’t expect this at all. It has this eucalyptus smell and feel in your lips. Because of the winter, I am getting dry lips and if untreated i will get a crack by overnight. So i have lip balm all over my house so that i can use it whenever i want.

I liked the feeling on my lips when i used it and its not greasy at all. The lips absorbs the products very quickly and leaves a smooth feeling in your lips. So this one is staying in my couch 🙂  where I spend most of my time these days. I will definetely buy them again as its a great bargain and it works in winter.

Note : This product works for my kind of lips but it might not suit some people. So I am just reviewing this so that other ladies can try it as it is a good bargain.


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