Trip to Newry (again)

We went to newry again yesterday as one of our friend asked us to come with them. So first we went to the pet shop (of course) and bought our next 3 months stock. Followed by the trip to the shopping centre. I went to the Priceless shoe shop 🙂 (remember in my last trip i bought shoes here). I bought 2 more shoes yayyyyy for 8 pounds. Seriously both of them are black and i will post the pics soon. I also went to boots because they have a good bargain there. I bought one gift set for half price and body butter smells absolutely amazing. I also bought a heat protectant hair spray where i got buy 1 get other 1/2 price, so i bought 2 sprays.

We also went inside a shop where there were some inexpensive items. I bought a cuticura face wash, a pure coconut brand body cream, chocolate lynx body spray (hee) and some lemsip, etc. I found that if you go around you can get a good bargain. Some of the stuffs were even cheaper than boots which was surprising. And the best part was going to a Sally’s beauty shop and getting 2 small foot repair and foot soothing lotion for 99 p each.

I will probably post some pics soon.


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