Got my delivery from Eyeko :)

I ordered this eyeko product on jan 1 and i got it only on 13. But i was so excited about this product because of the fantastic reviews. I ordered the celebrity gift set but unfortunately they have removed this as this was a fantastic deal. Every product is about 5 pounds and the worldwide shipping is free 🙂 . So i thought why not try it and thank god i ordered the celebrity gift set which has about 6 products for 15 pounds which is a great bargain. The gift set includes

  1. Tinted cream which can be used as a eye cream, highlighter, contour or even you can mix it with the moisturiser and have the sun kissed look.
  2. Glitter liquid eyeliner
  3. Straberry fat balm
  4. Pretty eyes eye shadow tin which has 5 stripes of eyeshadow containing pink, lavender to highlight colours.
  5. Rude girl manga book which contains 3 lip gloss, 1 cream blush, 1 concealer and 5 eye shadows.
  6. Face off wipes which is suppose to remove the makeup.

And the best thing is i ordered this after seeing the review from yummybitez and she had this code and this will get you a free gift. So i got the sparkle powder free along with this (yayyyy). The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, very girly 🙂 . I loved the plastic bag in which they send all those stuffs (I got a picture of that as well). Overall its very attractive to the eyes.

Moving on to what i liked, I loved the strawberry fat balm. This is the favourite of the lot. This actually smells like overripe strawberry and this give this nice pink stain in the lips. I did try the cream on my face but somehow i think i am using it wrongly. I will try some more and will give a review. The eyeshadows didn’t impress me that much as it didn’t have that much pigmentation but it did give nice shimmer but difficult to identify the colour. Maybe it will be better with the UDPP. The glitter eyesliner is alright as i had something like this before so good for night outs, etc. I am scared of opening the sprakle powder but hopefully i will try all these stuffs this saturday as i am going to a party 🙂 . Check out their website


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