Had a great Weekend..

I had a great weekend of get together, party and gossip 🙂 . It great to meet your friends and just sit and chat with them. Of course I should say something about the food. On saturday for dinner, we had mixed veg curry, paneer butter masala (I think), roti, naan, papad, rice, raitha, sambar and kheer. It was a overload of food for me as i didn’t know where to start. I wanted to eat but i was full 😦 . But it was a fantastic dinner. It snowed here as well probably for about 15-20 min and it started getting cold.

On Sunday, we woke up by 10.30  and then had tea and left to our friends house. We had a good chat and they left by 3. But after that i became so tired and i came home. But i couldn’t believe how quiet my house was. It was really wierd even though i was tired and was feeling sleepy, i couldn’t get over the fact that it was too quiet.

The best part of the party was sarees. Everybody was wearing beautiful sarees, different colours and they were gorgeous. The kids were playing and running all over the house. I wore a pink saree for the first time and i didn’t realise that it was really good until i wore it and took a picture 🙂 . But overall i had a wonderful weekend.


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