Individual Lessons from LA Academy for makeup

I got vouchers for the LA Academy in dublin for individual lessons for makeup. I went in today and i had an awesome time there. My instructor was Niamh and she was really good and easy to talk to. She first asked me what i want to acheive from this session and i told her what i want to know. As i love makeup (of course,  not everybody can guess.. rolling my eyes), we had lots of things to discuss starting from foundation. I told her that i want to concentrate mainly on foundation and concealer. She started with the foundation and we talked about what colour will suit me. She got this brand called “one cosmetics” and they had this liquid powder foundation. They are seriously very good, very light on your skin and i had a perfect match, sandy beige.

Next came the concealer and she used makeup forever concealer palette. it was a perfect match. She also did my eye makeup with mac and one cosmetics which consisted of eye shadows, eye liner and mascara. She used bronze and gold on my eyes and it looked so good and natural on my skin. She also used a shimmery bronzer for contouring my face and i actually could see the difference after she did it. It actually has a slimming effect on your face 🙂 (Why didn’t i try this before?? I really need the slimming effect. lol). And it was followed by cream blush which i absolutly adored the colour and its called ” naughty berry” by one cosmetics. Finally lip liner and lip stick which was a nude brown with gold shimmer. It was absolutely gorgeous colour.

It was such a perfect makeup and i wished i was going out to dinner with my hubby. Unfortunately, he is out of the country at the moment 😦 . I felt so good after the session and it seriously boosted my confidence. I actually thought to myself that i really look good. Wish i had a nice picture taken by a professional, I could just hang the picture in our house 🙂 . Do want to know what i did after that??

I got some take away dinner from the shop, caught a bus and came home. Sad 😦 , isn’t it?? But overall, I had a great experiance. I guess you should check out their website and may be book them as well. She also gives nice tips about how to keep your makup for a long time, on techniques, etc, etc.


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