Instant Mix : Vattalappam

I got this instant mix from the Double Horse brand. I felt like having indian sweet. It was pretty easy to make. All i did was follow the instructions from the back of the packet. There was this powder and has one more small packet inside. All i had to do was add 1 cup of water to the small packet and boil till it become thick. Then add this to the main powder, along with 3 cups of coconut milk and 1/2 tsp of cardamom powder. Mix them and keep aside for 1 hour.

Then you have to steam it. So i thought it will be easy to do it in the pressure cooker with the idli mould. I also added a  handful of sultanas in it. I am posting the pics of what it looks like. Overall, it was not bad. But i don’t think i will be buying it again 🙂 .


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