25 Random things about me

1. I didn’t have any pets before my marriage. And i never dreamed that i would have a pet.

2. I would love to foster kittens as i am crazy about them.

3. I always remember all of my friends and cousin’s b’day.

4. I love making new friends.

5. I will do anything for my best friends.

6. I become alive when i am in the company of friends.

7. I would love to study more if they didn’t have any fees :).

8. I am a good pencil sketcher but rarely get the mood to do it.

9. I love blogging. I feel as if i am talking to someone or sharing things with someone.

10. I rarely cooked and never baked before marriage.. lol

11. When i tried cooking before marriage, it was always a disaster (you should ask someone who sampled my cooking before marriage. They still don’t believe that i am a good cook now)

12. I love to eat and will try any cuisine once.

13. I hate watching sports.

14. I get bored easily with stuffs. (for eg, till about 6 months ago, i was crazy about nintendo ds. Within 3 months, i lost interest).

15. I hate housework esp cleaning and vaccuming.

16. I don’t like loud music, like in disco or party, etc. They give me headaches.

17. I am crazy about cosmetics these days. I have about a shelf full of them.

18. I am also crazy about handbags. I think i have about 25 bags or more ( never counted).

19. I am a complete lazy goose. I spend my weekdays sitting in my couch :).

20. I still have nightmares about exams. (like didn’t know the answers, arriving late to the exam, no time to answer all the questions, etc, etc)

21. We couldn’t decide what to name our cats. So started with cupid and eros, but we ended up calling them bommu and bujju. they didn’t respond to their original names. So changed their original names to nick names :).

22. We spoil our cats a lot. We treat them like our children. Everytime we go out, we end up buying something for them.

23. I hate winters because i don’t like going out in the cold.

24. Raa spoils me a lot and i am very lucky to have him.

25. Finally, I love travelling. I love to see the major sightseeing places and love to eat their specialities.


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