Review : Herbal Essence Hello Hydration 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner

After trying out lots of shampoo, I finally found a shampoo which agrees with me. I have to tell you that I have tried out lots and lots of brands. My scalp is dry and when i use a different shampoo, I get dandruffs. The only shampoo which agrees with me is this brand.


My Review

I always have the Shampoo and Conditioner separately. I got this 2 in 1 to try how it works. Some days i just want to wash my hair quickly and don’t want to wait for the conditioner, So i thought i will give this a try. I  have to tell you that i am pretty impressed with this. My hair doesn’t need any conditioner at all after using this. The smell is gorgeous as well.

Description of the Product

Can’t wait for conditioning, huh? well, busy bee, have your shampoo plus conditioner in one. just squeeze me in. i’m full of lush moisturizers that rinse clean. replenish and refresh your pretty parched head with my formula fused with moisturizers, orchid & coconut milk. say when, for silky, supple hair. to be mighty hydrated add hello hydration conditioner.


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