Review : Collection 2000 Nail Polish

My Review

I bought this nail polish on sale a while back. Its Collection 2000 brand and the name of the colour is called “Hello Sailor” ( I Knowwww). It looked like a peacock blue nail colour with green shimmers in the bottle. As I was feeling adventurous, I bought this one. Yesterday was the first time I tried it.

My first reaction after painting my nails “Why the **** did i choose a colour like this?” It looked too bright, too turquoisy colour and too jewel like. I thought that i am gonna look wierd in the day time wearing colour like this but surprisingly it didn’t look bad in the morning light 🙂 . The colour kind of grew on me as the day passed. Now at the end of the day, I am thinking its not too bad. Would i try to buy another bring colour? No way. But overall its not a bad colour. Probably the teenagers would love this one.



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