On the look for a Mineral Foundation..

Hey readers,

I am looking out for the perfect mineral foundation for my skin. At present, I am using the NYC mineral foundation. I have noticed that it makes such a difference in my face. Yesterday, I went out without any makeup in my face and i noticed that i can see the brown spots in my face and my redness in the cheeks as well. So I started reserching about the best mineral foundation in the market. I didn’t mind if it was a pricey one because it could last me for a year or more.

After nearly 2 hours of researching, I found that I am interested in 6 products. But I still couldn’t decide about what to buy. As you know, they will depend on your skin type. If you get the wrong product for your skin, It might show the dry patches in your skin after applying. So I don’t want to end up spending lot of money and found that it didn’t suit my skin. So the dilemma remains.

I am interested in checking out the following products:

  1. Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation
  2. MAC Skin finish natural
  3. Bare essential mineral foundation
  4. Philosophy mineral foundation
  5. Vichy mineral foundation
  6. Avon mineral foundation

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