Review : Pure Luxe Banana Colour Correcting Eraser

My Review

As I have previously mentioned, I love getting stuffs from the Pure Luxe Cosmetics. They have a huge range of products to choose from and lots of colours as well. I have ordered some stuffs from them last month. And one of the things I  ordered was this colour correncting eraser. This is like a paste like consistency and when applied it has a silky finish. I ordered the colour corrector in banana which is yellow based for my under eye dark circle. The normal eraser can be used as a foundation primer and they have apricot coloured eraser for complextion enhancer and that is going to be my next buy 🙂 .

When applied under the eye, it feels like a silky smooth sking but the banana colour was still light for my under eye circle. So i applied some concealer on top of the eraser and i did notice one thing. The concealer on top does not sit on the crease or pores 🙂 because they are already filled by the eraser. The concealer application is much more smoother after eraser. I think this is one of the best subtitute for expensive foundation or face primer. I did apply the banana eraser on all the dark spots on my face and it give a light coverage. Overall, I like it 🙂 .


Description of the Product

ERASER will soften the look of lines, large pores, and produce an all-over effect of perfect skin.  This product applies like a creamy gel, then instantly dries to a soft, silky powder.  You have never felt anything so luxurious!  I promise, one try, and you WILL be hooked!  Lightly shaded. Pale yellow powder. Covers blueish areas, such as under eye circles.


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