My Makeup Remover Substitute

I have been using eye makeup remover for a long time and sometimes you are so lazy that you want to finish it off soon. I have recently found a good makeup remover wipes 🙂 . Guess what??? Boots Baby Wipes 🙂 lol. Yup, you heard it right. This is a really good way to remove my mineral foundation as well as my eye makeup. Finally i used the liquid remover for removing the leftover mascara. I have been using this for a month now and I am pretty impressed with this.

It totally an easy way to remove your makeup. And boots always has an offer on the baby wipes. I got 2 for 3 euros which is not bad at all and each pack has about 75 wipes in it. The packaging is great with a plastic top lid not like the stick kind of lid or top in the wipes. I have tried using the boots cleansing wipes with the sticky top. If you forget to stick the top of the wipes properly, it dries quickly 😦 . So I found this one a great option and inexpensive as well.


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