Everyday Minerals Delivery

As I told you, I am looking for a mineral foundation. Then i researched for about 2 days wondering what to buy. There are so many mineral foundation out there, starting from low-end products to high-end products. The high end products are about $ 30-40 where as the low-end was about $ 8-10. I don’t mind spending a lot of money but I want the perfect foundation for my skin tone and skin type. The Problem is getting the right colour match. About 6 months ago, I got the Maybelline Mousse foundation which i tried in the back of my hand and thought that it was a perfect match. But when i came home, I realised it is way too light for me 😦 .

Also, you need to try the foundation in the day light on the chin and see if it blends in your skin. There are lots of online mineral foundation companies but how do you get them unless you try them and find out your perfect colour. That’s why they have introduced the sample kits which are really amazing as it will be $ 1-2 for a 1/4 tsp and once you find your colour, you can order them in a bigger size.

While i was researching, most of the ladies were raving about Everyday Minerals and i checked out their website. It is quite amazing for the price you pay. I especially loved their sample kits. You can get 3 foundation sample, 1 concelaer sample & 1 blush sample 🙂 . They are absolutely free and you have to pay only the shipping cost which is about $ 5. Seriously, thats is a fantastic buy. So I browsed through their foundation/base section. They seriously have more than 50 colour matches (I knowwwww). I wondered how do you select from those. They also have 4 different formulas – Intensive, semi-matt, matt & original glo. Check out their website to find more about these.

They have warm, cool, golden, beige, buff and olive section for the foundation and under each section they have about 7-10 colours 😦 . I started wondering how the **** can you choose from those. Am i a beige or olive skinned? So I mailed the customer service asking for advice and told them about my skin tone & what products i use, etc, etc. Cristy from their customer service emailed me back within 24 hrs and told me it would be helpful if i send her a photo. So i did, without any makeup, with all my spots & dark circles. She emailed me back with some suggested colours to try. I have to tell you i am pretty impressed with their customer service.

So I ordered the sample kit. I wanted to order 2 sample kits as i want to try out different formulas as well. I ordered intensive & semi-matt ones. The only problem was i could only order 1 sample kit per order. But even though i ordered 2 sample kits, it only ended up costing me $ 10, which is seriously not bad for 6 foundation sample, 2 blush samples & 2 concealer samples 🙂 . And today i received their delivery (yayyyyyy). As they are shipping from USA, it took about 11 days to get to dublin which is absolutely fair.

I am going to give it a try this week and probably will tell you all about it in detail while reviewing.


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