Chocolate cake gone wrong

I wanted to have something chocolately after dinner. So I thought i will make the chocolate cake as i had lot of leftover diet coke. So i searched in the net and found a recipe for a chocolate cake without butter. Instead of butter, the recipe told to add mayonnaise. As i didn’t have mayonnise, I thought why not yoghurt as its creamy as well. I opened my fridge and the peach yoghurt which i bought about a month ago caught my eye. So, genius me, decided to add peach youghurt in chocolate cake. Boy, was that a mistake (lol). The minute i added all the ingredients, I knew that it was a mistake. I could smell strong peachy scent in my cake which i didn’t like at all.

But i decided to bake it anyway instead of throwing it away. I just had a bite and GOD it was awful. Maybe its just me. I certainly didn’t like the peach taste in my chocolate cake 😦 . So there goes my experiment. I am telling you bakers out there what not to do (lol). I will wait for hubby to taste it in the morning. If he didn’t like it, It will probably will go directly to the bin :).


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