Tip #3 : How to select a good lip balm?

I am a lip balm addict for the past 5 years. I am always on the look out for a perfect lip balm. I have been through lots of brands and tried everything i could get my hands on. The problem i found is that when you apply most of the lip balm you feel good but when it disappear you can feel your lips dry and stretchy. I always have dry lips. If i don’t use a lip balm overnight, the next day my lips will start peeling. This is definitely in the case of winter. I have some tips for buying  perfect lip balm and i will tell you what worked for me and what i like.

Tips for selecting lip balm

  1. Always read ingredients in the lip balms. If you don’t see ingredients, don’t buy. At the most, it will be just petroleum jelly like vaseline. Look out for PARABEN in your lip balm. This is the ingredient which causes drying of your lips and the companies use these so that you can use the lip balm frequently and then buy a new one. But its definitely drying for your lips. If you find any of your lip balm sounds like this then avoid it.

  2. My other tip is go for organic lip balms 🙂 . They are made of more natural ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter which is perfect for your lips. It might be little bit expensive but in the long run its definitely worth it. The lips are skin as well. Will you use a brand if you notice that your face is becoming dry after sometime? NO, definitely not. It’s the same for the lips as well. Just imagine you having a perfect dewy skin but a chapped dry lips (yukkk). So definitely make a priority to care for your lips as well. It’s just as IMPORTANT as your facial skin.

  3. I thought that vaseline was the perfect lip balm ever but i found that it just coats your lips but doesn’t moisture your lips. What i do is use a good lip balm at night and use vaseline on top of that 🙂 . It will protect your good lip balm.

  4. To identify a good lip balm, you notice that after applying it, your lips just absorbs the whole product and feels moisturised. Within 10 minutes you will notice the smoothness.

  5. When you cannot find your perfect lip balms in your shop then opt for 99% aloe vera gel from the health store. You always get a travel tube. They are perfect substitute for lip balm. Your lips will feel moisturised as well.

  6. Avoid any sweet-scented lip balms. This will end up being eaten by you 🙂 . Finally you will end up applying frequently.

  7. For casual days, opt for tinted lip balms which will be great for summer.

My Favourites

  1. Blistex, Intensive moisturiser.
  2. The Body Shop, Hemp Lip Protecter.
  3. Burts Bee, Tinted Lip Balm.
  4. Health Store, Aloe Vera Lip Balm.
  5. Health Store, Australian Tea Tree Oil Lip Balm.

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