Song of the month #2

After a long time, I have finally found the name of the song and their singers. I watched this video a long time ago but i forgot to see the name of the band & the song. The song and the video captivated me so much that i couldn’t take my eyes off the video. I seriously love this song. The Lady singer is Amy Lee from the band Evanescence and the guy is Linking Park. I am not mostly into metal/rock category cause they really do give me headaches. But this was totally different even though her songs come under Alternative Metal category. She has such a haunting voice. I seriously love her voice. I have searched you tube and watched all her songs and i realised that i do like her songs. She is really sexy in the gothic/haunting sort of way. Listen to this song, this was considered to be the No.2 Ballet song of this century. Can you believe it? I certainly can. Watch the video and hear her lyrics, they are absolutely beautiful.


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