Living on a Budget??

I was wondering what should i post today and then i started thinking about budget. Remember a long time ago, I told you that i am on a budget. I guess you all remember 🙂 . I was wondering how people manage their budget. I realised people who do that have lot of self control and I really admire them. I am not a shopoholic but i do spend 🙂 but only little. I am finding it hard to be within your budget. But i do spend a lot of cosmetics (ya.. that is like going to surprise you.. sarcasm). Even though i have a lot of makeup stuffs, I seriously can’t believe that i keep buying more.

I usually tell myself in the begining of the month that i am not going to spend this month and going to save my allowance. But it just is not happening. The budget also includes my face & body care products (seriously.. can you believe it??). If i just get a nivea visage or even olay, i end up spending minimum of 7 euros. So basically i am screwed. Its been difficult 3 months. I actually avoid going out because i know that i will end up getting something 😦 .

I keep telling myself to make myself busy so that i won’t get the urge to shop. But i can just do that for 2 weeks. Then i binge. Its exactly like dieting. You know that you have to avoid junk food and you do then once in a while you just go and binge yourself. Surprisingly hubby doesn’t say anything even though if he is with me, he usually says no 😦 . But he knows about my binging.

Let me tell you something. I have already ordered something and put them in the next months budget. Seriously, i still have 5 more days for next month. Don’t you hate it when you know that you have to stop spending then come this sale 😦 and you get so angry about it. When i get little bit depressed about my spending issue, hubby usually console me saying that i am not that bad, atleast i don’t spend more than my budget. But sometime i do go over budget, but not more than 5 euros.

But the next month is going to be a disaster. I am going to Paris (yaayyy) and also 😦 because i know that i will spend some there. All i could think about is sephora, perfumes & of course cosmetics and the food (drooling). I heard from a friend of mine that the pharmacies there have lots of good cosmetics. I don’t know how i am going to control myself 😦 . Hopefully i can control myself.

How do you ladies control the urge to spend? maybe i would like some tips as well.


2 thoughts on “Living on a Budget??

  1. charanraajeev says:

    ya rite.. if i buy expensive one, i won’t take it out at all for the fear of getting it

    ooo.. got an idea for tommrow’s post.. I will post my favourite bag which i haven’t used yet 🙂

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