My Favourite Handbag

I have lots of handbags starting from a small one to huge ones. I prefer medium ones because i carry lots of stuffs in my purse starting from my little makup bag, lotion, basic medications like aspirin & sudafed for me, tissues, mouth freshner, chewing gums, comb, etc, etc. I do have at least 3 favourites which i use rarely. But hubby told me that if i use it frequently, it will become old. So i can get a new one 🙂 .

I think everybody has their favourite handbag which they don’t use 🙂 . I got this idea from a friend of mine. Hubby bought this handbag from USA and its a silver coloured one. He got this from a mall and brand name is JESSICA SIMPSON. Its little bit heavy with the chains on top of the bag. The one thing which i don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a zip (Can you believe it?). What if I drop my handbag? Everything in my bag will be all over the floor or its easy for a pick pocket to steal my purse 😦 . But still I love this bag, mostly its colour. And as per the fashion with the famous ladies, Its quite a huge bag 🙂 . I haven’t used this bag at all ( lol). Maybe I am just waiting for the right occasion.


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