What If….?

I was sort of feeling down today and had a lot of “What ifs..??” in my mind. Then this idea for today’s blog just popped into my mind. I thought What if I had about 1000 euros in my hand and can spend it on anything without feeling guilty? That was interesting because within 2 minutes I had a long list ๐Ÿ™‚ . Here comes the list of stuffs which i thought topped ๐Ÿ™‚ย :

  1. MAC Mineralised skin finish in medium plus
  2. Zune MP3 player, probably 80 gb
  3. NYX cosmetics – concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow & blush of course.
  4. Clarins Instant smooth perfecting touch primerย 
  5. MAC concealer
  6. Coastal scents palette
  7. Some nice shoes/sandal of course
  8. Skinny jeans (hoping it will make me look skinny.. lol)
  9. Urban decay 24/7 gift set (drooling)
  10. Smash box primer
  11. Sony Ebook Reader

I guess everyone has those days where they keep thinking “what if..?”. But the list would differ with every other person. I wonder what would be No. 1 in the list for my friends (mmmm).


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