My Trip to Belfast

Let me tell you why we went to belfast today. Last week while i was looking at a beauty forum, I found that Junction One Outlet Mall has CCS (Cosmetic Company Store) 🙂 . I was seriously excited so much that i couldn’t think anything else but all the cosmetic bargains i could find there. For people who doesn’ t know what CCS is, Its a cosmetic store which sells mostly high end brands like MAC, Clinique, Bobby Brown, Prescriptive, Origins, etc for 30% off the retail price (I know.. yayyy). Its very popular in USA.

I mainly wanted to take a look at the MAC as i had my eye on the paint pots & shadesticks. So we started our journey today at 9 am and reached the outlet mall at about 11.45 am which is seriously not bad. I was beside myself with excitement when we reached there. There are about 30 shops over there and i went into every shop but i seriously couldn’t find anything to buy there. The main shops which i was interested in was CCS and NEXT clearence. But I have to say i was really dissapointed to about both. I went to the All Wella Goods Store and god some nice deals on bio oil, eye cream and some lipsticks which were just £ 1.00.

CCS didn’t have much MAC collection which i was interested in. But the prices were awesome. They didn’t have the colour which i wanted and they were only £ 7.50 which is seriously a bargain. The MSF blushes were about £ 11.50 and lots of the other brands were comparitively cheap as well 🙂 . But i didn’t buy anything, I was seriously pissed about it. NEXT was another dissapointment, all i could find was just one top which i liked for £ 8.00.

Finally we went to the Castlecourt shopping centre in belfast. There i found some good bargains which i will tell you below. We went to Superdrug and I loved it. I found mini Bourjois cosmetics which was really cute. Then i got my hair cut 🙂 . Finally we came home by 7.30 pm. I am so tired. Overall, its was an ok trip.


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