Those days…

Sometime you think about our old days and it gets nostalgic. The best of my childhood memories were of playing hide & seek, cricket and shuttle. Also my broken shoulder 🙂 and the travel to my school. I think i had a good bunch of childhood friends. 

In chennai, it was all about school & pressure to get good marks (you know what i mean especially 10th & 12th). God, I don’t know how i survived those days. Its all vague in my mind and I am seriously glad that its all over. Then came college days, I really had the best time of my life in those days. I also made good friends. I can remember the walks from the college to home, the canteen lunch, superb canteen tea and of course the girly gossips & chats. I also remember sleeping for a long time & food being ready when you get up. And you get your choice of the food 🙂 .

I remember being carefree without any responsibilities. I remember all the phone calls with my friends, talking hours & hours about nothing & everything. The practical works and the exams when you study just to get 1st class. I wonder if i can go back there again, will i do anything different? I remember that i believed that i was going to make a change in my life by being independent. Why the **** whenever i think of studying, i always remember suffering? It is suffering, believe me, at least for me. With all the stuffs you have to memorise and I really really had a weak memory. It just was not fun learning things.

Then came the phase where i was working. I think i am just plain unlucky in that area. I worked for 3 companies till now and I always had bad bosses 🙂 . It seriously put me off working. Whenever i think of my work, all i can remember is horrors 🙂 .

Now all i day dream is of idlies, dosas, onion rava dosa, karaikudi chicken curry, pundu kozhambu, briyani, gangotre chat (drooling), beauty parlour (I knowww) and of course my mom’s cooking 🙂 . I guess everybody feels like this some days.


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