Review : NYX Round Lipstick

My Review

After hearing a lot of good reivew, I was ready to try this lipstick. I got this from belfast but surprisingly the original price were £ 4.50 and i was shocked because i found this in one of the online shops for $2 (how the **** did they get this kind of margin?). But the one I got were on sale for £ 1 (Thank God). I bought 2 colours which are Hades & Ulysses. Hades is the lighest brown more of nude brown colour whereas Ulysses is a brick red color. I don’t have any red lipsticks in my collection so i thought this one will be cool to have in it.

The texture of the lipstick is so smooth. Its quite mosturising as well. I really like the feel of that lipstick. It doesn’t have any kind of wierd smell. I really hoped they had more colour selection but the sale ones were lots of different browns. But overall, I really like this. I am going to purchase more of this 🙂 .

Description of the Product

This is a velvet textured lip cream that covers with rich colours while moisturising your lips with each application.


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