Day 1 in Paris

I got up at 4 am in the morning and I was soo tired. We landed in Paris about 9 am and when we came near the exit, we felt the heat wave 🙂 and I was so happy that atleast it is summer in Paris :). It felt wondeful to feel the heat in your face. They have a really wonderful metro here. You can go anywhere in the metro which is fantastic considering the museum is all over paris. By the time we reached our apartment, it was 12 pm. So we went to see places near our apartment.

First we went to Basilique du sacre-ceur which is like 5 minutes from our apartments. The worst thing was we had to climb the stairs to reach the basilique which was on top of the hill. My legs were trembling and I was seriously out of breath by the time i reached on top. But we had a wonderful view of paris. After that I was so tired so went back to our apartments and had a nap and woke up at 8 pm 😦 .

Then we decided to go out for dinner so we caught the metro again and went to La Chapella which is an indian area and we went to Anjappar restaurent 🙂 . I had masala dosa & mango lassi, of course. Then i don’t know what made us go back to the basilique and climb the stairs again 😦 (what the **** were we thinking?). By the time we came down, I was panting like a dog and my legs were shaking like anything. Finally came back to our apratment at 11.30 pm. And that readers was the jist of my Day 1. Its 2 am here and I can’t seem to sleep.

Keep an eye on my Day 2 tomorrow.



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