Day 2 in Paris

After sleeping late in the morning, I got up at 9 am and started to get ready for my day 2. My feet were still sore and I hope that it wouldn’t hurt much today. First stop, Musee du Louvre 🙂 . I was really curious to see this after reading the Da Vinci Code book. Let me tell you that it truely is as fascinating as everybody describes about it. I could just be there for a whole day and look at all the stuffs in the museum.

The glass dome is really beautiful to look at and inside the louvre museum is so amazing and the worst thing is CROWD. God, it felt like a carnival where there is so much people around you that you keep bumping into someone. The maintainance and the arrangement of the musem is fabulous. Thank God, they give you maps otherwise you are seriously lost in here. They say it will take a whole day to look at all the sculpture in here. Let me tell you after 4 hours of walking, we finished only the ground floor and of course half of the first floor 😦 (can you believe it?). My feet were absoluetely killing me, they were crying out loud not to torture them.

I seriously have to talk about the paintings. I am amazing at the collection of paintings in the museum. There must be hundreds of them, maintained so well that it looks truely amazing. I am seriously impressed by the talent of the builders of the lourve. The ceiling are art by itself. I couldn’t stop myself staring at each and every painting there. Of Course, you have to talk about Mona Lisa Painting. My impression was ” God, it looks so small”. But you have to see the crowd around it, it looked like a Tirupathi sannithi where everybody wants to be in front so that they can have a close look at GOD and people were literally pushing you to have a close look at the painting 🙂 . I will definetely post a picture of the crowd.

I loved the sculptures there. They had a separate rooms for each countries like roman, egypt, greek, iran, italian,  mesapotomia and finally french sculptures. They were all in the gound floor. I have to say they have stolen nice sculptures and jewellery from other countries (lol). They even had the egyptian coffins (try to remember the mummy movie). After 4 hours, I just had enough of walking.

We then decided to see the Arc de Triomphe. We, of course, got down in the station and when we came out we could see the arc in the distance and thought it is near so decided to walk as the whole street is a Shopping area. Of course, every shop is POSH like versace, gucci, cartier, etc. We kept walking and walking for about 15 min and still didn’t reach the arc. With my feet swollen and hurting, we were walking very slowly. Then I found the shop i was looking for, guess what it is? SEPHORA 🙂 . People in USA, you know what it is. Its my first visit to sephora but i didn’t buy anything as i thought everything  had the same price as in dublin.

We had to walk 15 more min to reach the arc. I had a seriously swollen feet and I was so damn tired. When we went inside the arc, we realised we had to climb the stairs (seriously my day HAD to get worse). So after panting and walking up the stairs, we reached the top of the arc and saw the whole paris view and somehow i thought all the pain was worth it 🙂 . The view was awesome. I could see the pantheon, effiel tower and louvre.

Look at the stairs which we climbed

Finally, I just wanted to rest after a long day. So decided to have dinner in krishna bhavan. I had masala dosa, vada & mango lassi :). Returned home at about 9 pm and resting my feet now. I am going to sleep early as we have a busy schedule tomorrow as well :). Stay tuned for my Day 3 update.


One thought on “Day 2 in Paris

  1. 🙂 I simply simply simply love reading your post about paris!! I love paris….anything french infact!!!! Pls pls do take lots of pictures!

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