Day 3 in Paris

I am trying to upload from yesterday but the photos are not uploading so I am posting it today morning.

As usual we got up at 9 am. One of hubby’s collegue (who is french & his parents still living in paris) picked us up and went to Versailles which is in outer paris. This was my first ride in mini cooper 🙂 and I loved it. Its such a compact car. Versailles is one of the beautiful town I have ever seen. Its so well maintained and clean. The story goes that the King had a rebellion and constructed a new town outside paris where he had huge palace and only noble people could built a house in the town. They were still renovating the outside of the palace. The inside news is that a lady is donating millions of euros for the renovation because she is obsessed with the palace.

Talking about the palace itself, It was so huge. I mean with a huge garden, lake and surrounded by mountains. Every room are carefully and artfully restored properly. They even had the same decorations with beds and bedsit. They also had lots of painting. They had this huge throne room where the king sits in the middle and the surrounding balcony is attended by the ladies.


 They also had a huge ballroom and the view from the ballroom was awesome. A perfect garden with a large river where you actually can use the boat.

After about an hour inside the palace, we came out and he took us to a shopping mall nearby which i was looking forward to visit 🙂 . My feet were hurting by this time so i decided to get me some foot cream for tired feet from the pharmacy. The shopping mall was really huge but i didn’t feel like buying anything. Then i found sephora 🙂 and this time i found a nice luminous glow in cream and a dark blue waterproof eyeliner pencil, both of them are of sephora brand.

Finally i was so tired by 7 pm that we decided to come back to the apartments. But we stopped for dinner and i had parotta and mango lassi 🙂 . We reached around 9pm and I really wasn’t that tired and thank god we didn’t go anywhere else or I would be dead tired by now. And while i was writing this the net started acting up so i had to write all this all over again (WHYME???).

P.S. Its good to know that someone is following my blog everyday to see my updates. Thank you for that 🙂 . More photos will be sent to you and you know who i am telling this to. 


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