Day 4 in Paris

As usualy we got up at 9 am and then left our apartments by 11.30 am. I had to say that we had the worst weather today. It was raining all day 😦 . We first went to the Notre Dame which was amazing. I really loved the gothic architecture. The ceiling inside the chruch is so high and the windows had  beautiful stained glasses. Its actually creepy looking with the gothic architecture. Then of course we climbed up the chruch ( I guess i shouldn’t be surprised that they had stairs as well 🙂 ) and the view from the top is beautiful. The worst thing was the path up there were just like one person standing. We also climbed into the bell tower. They had a large queue for going up in  Notre Dame. We had to wait for about 20 minutes in the cold for that 😦 .

Today remainded me of Dublin’s weather as it was really cold and windy. I loved the stained glass and the pictures in them were amazing. Then we went to Sainte-Chapelle which is a church again but this one was the king’s personal church 🙂 . They have lower & upper chapel. The upper chappel is one of the beautiful architecture i have ever seen. It has about 12 high windows surrounding the church of about 60 m in length. And each windows has staining glass portraying stories from the bible. The guide said it will be beautiful in the morning with the sun raising behind the stained glass.

After that we went to Conciergerie which basically is a palace & prison and apparently Marie Antoinette was imprisoned here. They had lots of pencil sketches of the whole palace/prison. The royal family were imprisoned in this palace during french revolution.

Finally we went and had a early dinner. I had a duck salad as a Entree, lamb with herbs as main course and chocolate cake for dessert 🙂 . Then we walked over the shopping area for about an hour and half. Finally came back by 9 pm and resting my feet 🙂 .

Stay tuned for Day 5. Tomorrow its going to flea markets in paris 🙂 .

P.S. I am not posting any photos because the net connection is not that good and it gets stuck whenever i try to upload it.

I have to tell this, I wore the sephora blue waterprood kohl today and I am in love with it :). They glided so smoothly and was easy to apply and it stayed for more than 5 hrs. By the time i returned back, I could see some slight melting.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 in Paris

  1. ok many things…

    1. we need to talk abt sephora….i have some melts faster for me!!

    2.there’s a church in washington – national cathedral!! was reminded of that after reading your post!!!

    3. I was also reminded of alcatraz prison in san fransisco…ill send u some pics when ur back!!

    ur post brought back many good memories to me!!! 🙂

  2. charanraajeev says:

    Are you talking about the waterproof ones?? they had only 3 colours but its not bad. I wore that at say half 11 and i could see it melting about 6ish. So basically its not bad though. Did you try urban decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils? its supposed to be the best.

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