Day 6 in Paris

We decided to take it easy today. So we got up at about 10 am and then went to Galeries Lafayette. Its a huge upscale department stores which is similar to debhanams here. Everything was overpriced of course. They had a ground floor for cosmetics & skincare where you can find all the popular brands. I didn’t spend much time there. Then we went in search of the Perfumeries where they actually make it by themselves. But unfortunately the ones i was searching for was closed :(. We went into the Godiva chocolate shop 🙂 and bought a lovely pack of chocolate and I had their awesome hot chocolate. It was just perfectly made with less sugar. I loved it.

I was so unhappy and finally i had one more recommended perfumeries in Champs Elysses. As soon as i entered the shop, I realised that its a POSH shop. They had the perfumes in the cute little glass jars with tap :). While i was browsing i heard a customer buying a bottle of perfume for 103 euros (I was like WHATTTTT???). I came out as soon as i heard it. Then went around the champs elysses shopping area. I went into Sephora again and found a wonderful perfume of their own brand and it has a orange blossom fragrence which i loved.

Finally ate some last minute crepes :). Then we returned to our hotel and got our bags and went to the airport. It took us nearly and hour by metro with all the transfers in between and carrying our luggage as well. At least the flight was on time. We reached home at about 11.30 pm. I am so tired and my feet is numb with pain :(. I am going to rest and sleep tomorrow.

And that readers concludes my trip to Paris. If you want any information about Paris, Please feel free to ask me. I think this was one of the memorable holidays I ever had. I will definetely visit Paris again 🙂 .


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