Why should you try Mineral Makeup?

Taken from Splendicity.

Over the past few years, mineral makeup has been flying off the shelves with women all around the world making the switch from traditional cosmetics. Though millions of women use mineral makeup, many still haven’t taken the plunge and often wonder why they should change. There are several solid reasons why you should try mineral cosmetics.

Natural and Healthy
Mineral makeup doesn’t contain fragrances, additives or chemicals that can damage your skin. In fact, the minerals also can protect your skin against free radicals and they don’t seep into your skin or cause clogged pores. All in all, mineral cosmetics are a healthier alternative to regular makeup.

Image: sxc.hu

Image: sxc.hu

You can mix mineral powder with water or even moisturizer to create the texture of liquid or cream foundations. Or, you can use it as a powder and still get that flawless finish and as much coverage as you need. The colors in mineral eye shadow and other mineral products are deeply pigmented. Therefore, you can change the intensity just by how much you use. Remember though, a little goes a long way. Nothing is exclusive either. One color of loose mineral powder can be used as eyeshadow, liner, blush, or even lipstick.

Mineral makeup products don’t go bad like other cosmetics because they can’t harbor bacteria. Since there are no fillers or chemicals added, it’s almost impossible for them to get old and lose their color or effectiveness.

Nearly 6% of the body is made from minerals. These minerals are essential to keeping your organs healthy, including your skin. Mineral cosmetics are created from natural pigments and healthy minerals. They are ideal for everyone. With mineral makeup, there are no oils to cause shine and breakouts for oily skin. They also contain no chemicals or fragrances, so they don’t irritate sensitive skin. Unlike some other makeup, mineral powders won’t settle into fine lines, making wrinkles more pronounced it in mature skin. No matter your age (and skin type), you can get a flawless look and rich colors by using mineral makeup.


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