Support PETA

I am a strong believer in kindness to pets. I didn’t believe that people would be cruel to animals but i have seen the picture and conditions that they are kept in. I am appalled. There are so many people who donates to the cause for people but most of them forget about animals who are the companion throughout your life. They love you, no matter what. They bring comfort to you when you are sad. I always loved animals but I never thought I will become this passionate about them. Maybe its because of my cats. I never realised that I would love them this much.

I was like other people who can’t seem to understand why the owners love their pets so much that they treat them like babies but now I understand more than ever. I can’t digest the fact that people are cruel to them. The animal shelters are filled with them. Every time I visit one of their websites, I wish that I could win a lottery so that I would built a huge shelter or home for them where they will be the happiest ever. I would look after them myself. Whenever i hear about any cruelty or just see picture of animals in the cages, my heart get so heavy that I just go and hug my cats. I always wonder how if i hadn’t adopted them, they could have gone to some other person who might had abused them.

I met a lady who has a kitten and she said that she found her in a plastic bag which was thrown from a car infornt of her garden. I was shocked when i heard that. Why would people do that? Why can’t they just take them to a shelter? I then cursed whoever did this hope he gets some kind of horrible pain. I wish i could kick his nuts till he screams with pain and till heΒ is unconscious.

I recently saw the episode of Oprah’s about PUPPY MILLS. I think people need to be aware of the situation. I really hope there are not happening in Ireland. I was appalled after seeing the videos. I wish i could bring all the animals from the shelters and give them so much love that they will be happy for the rest of their life. I cursed everyone who is in that business.

I am feeling guilty because i left my cats in the cattery as we went to our vacation. After returning we found that our black one wasn’t eating properly and they both had lost weight 😦 .Β  After seeing us, he just jumped into my arms and i realised that they have lost some weight. I was feeling so guilty about it. For the past two days, we are letting them sleep in the bedroom with us. They just want to sleep next to you, touching you, hoping that when they wake up they will be with us rather than the cattery. My heart felt so heavy after their behaviour. The black one is sick from yesterday as he is not eating at all 😦 . If this continues, i have to take him to the vet.

I always tell myeslf not to visit those animal shelter websites because I get upset the whole day. My heart feels heavy and I feel guilty that I couldn’t save them. I know that there are lot of animal lovers and wonderful volunteers for the shelters who make such a difference in the animals life. But I am scared that if i become a volunteer, I would not be able to let go of my foster animal because I would get too attached with them. But I would not be able to keep them in my house as its small for the animals and financially it would be difficult as well :(. That’s why most of the days i wish i could win a lottery.

Sorry readers for rambling about this topic. But i felt like talking to someone about this and i am upset today because my black baby is sick 😦 . I will end this topic by asking, If ever you feel like having a pet, please adopt a pet from your nearest animal shelter. Don’t buy them from a breeder. There are lots of animals who need your love and who has never had any in their life. I promise that they will love you unconditionally.


One thought on “Support PETA

  1. πŸ™‚ okay. I am not a pet person but I am not cruel to them either. I like your noble thoughts!!! and I hope your dream comes true.

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