Review : Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser

My Review

I have used this product a lot and found it to be better than a liquid foundation. Even though the consistency is little bit thick for me, I added little bit of face moisturiser to it. It applies very smoothly and melts easily into your skin. The best part is that it lasts long as well. But the worst is that you don’t have any colour selection. I found this a little bit light when I added moisturiser but overall its not a bad one. I use this when i go out to a party because it gives more coverage than a mineral makup and also it last long as well throughout the day.

It is a good one to have in summer as it feels light in your skin.

Description of the product

Botanics Instant Glow Tinted Moisturiser is a lightweight tinted moisturiser that adds light diffusing particles, giving skin a more even radiant tone whilst helping to maintain skin elasticity.


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