6 Ways to remove Makeup

By Indian’s Makeup Blog

Removing makeup is just as important as wearing it. The more you apply the more there is to remove. But removing can be easy thanks to several products available in the market and in your own kitchen ! With so many options there is no excuse for going to bed with makeup !

1. CLEANSER : Your regular cleanser usually does a great job at taking makeup off. This works best for face makeup like foundation, blush, bronzer. But you might need something more for taking off eye makeup. This is where makeup removing cleansers like the Mineral Melt from Pur Minerals come in handy. They refresh your face and take off all the makeup !

2. OIL CLEANSING : I knew about oil cleansing long before I knew about make up. I remember my mom using oil to get rid of the paint on my face and that of my sister’s when we participated in school shows. There was no other way all that stage make up was coming off ! You can use any oil like Almond oil, Olive oil, Baby Oil, Coconut oil. Apply it all over the face, rub gently in circular motions. Let the oil soak for 15 – 20 seconds and then take it off with a damp cotton pad. Follow with a cleanser.

3. VASELINE : Vaseline a petroleum by-product is just as good as oil for taking off makeup. Plus most people have a bottle of it somewhere in their purse ! It is a product that could get you through the day if any unexpected makeup mishaps happen.

4. CLEANSING CLOTHS / BABY WIPES : This is possibly the easiest method for taking off makeup. The pre-soaked cloths are super handy, have several soothing ingredients like aloe and do a great job at taking off makeup. The only thing to look for is how gentle your wipe is. I personally like Biore Cleansing Cloths. They are gentle, soft and often takes only one cloth to get rid of all the makeup ! Baby wipes are a great option for sensitive skin. If you are lazy about taking makeup off before you it the bed, these could turn things around for ya.

5. MOISTURIZERS : After oil, the next thing I tried to take my makeup off with was a moisturizer. Heavy creams like Ponds Cold Cream, Nivea are very good. However, if you have oily/sensitive skin you might want to avoid this because all the oil form the cream could cause break outs. It is best to follow it up with a cleanser and warm water.

6. MAKE UP REMOVERS : They are made just for this purpose so often they are the best at taking off all the junk on our faces. There are oil – free cleansers and some that contain oil, so it is all a matter of skin type and choice.


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