Review : Sephora Luminous Glow

My Review

I got this in Sephora Paris. I was really attracted to this when i saw this. Its a illuminator or highlighter which can be used in the face & the eyes. It is a cream base which is absolutely perfect because i don’t need to use a brush 🙂 . It has a gold sparkles in it which helps in illuminating your face. I was searching about the description of the product and I realised that i can only see this in Sephora Paris and not in Sephora USA. I don’t know if people in USA can get this. It also says that its a limited edition (yay.. i got it).

I am absolutely in love with this product. I am using it everyday even without makeup just to highlight my face and brows 🙂 . You need so little to apply that its going to last me for a long time. The product looks like pink in the packaging with a gold sparkles. But when you touch it with your fingers it comes as a light pink with gold sparkles. After a long time, I got a sephora product and I love it. They have so much selection but my only problem was it was the same price as the rest of the drugstore product in Paris like Bourjois, Rimmel , Maybelline, etc.

Would I buy it again? Definetely yes (if i finish off this one, lol).


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