Review : Sephora Poetique Eau de Toilette

My Review

I also bought this in Sephora Paris and I have to say this is my favourite of my collection. I am allergic to deoderants or perfume as I get rash in my skin. And also i am not crazy about perfumes. But when i was in Sephora, I was searching for this vanilla Eau de toilette as i thought it would be the same as Lavanilla perfume which is available only in USA 😦 . I also found about 4 vanilla flavours and this was my favourite of the bunch. They had orange, vanilla, mango & patchouli.

I bought Poetique which is of Vanilla Orange blossom. I was really attracted by this smell. It had such a summery smell and when i applied it on my skin it was so refreshing that i could smell it throughout the day 🙂 . I always loved the eau de colongue on my skin 🙂 . So i thought this would be perfect on my skin as well and thank god till now I didn’t get any rashes. And i also hope that i don’t in the future because i love this so much. And the good this is I could find this only in Sephora Paris and its not available in USA 🙂 .


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