Review : Lakme Jewel Eyeliner

My Review

If you are from India, then you would recognise the brand “Lakme“. Its been there for ever. I think it was the popular brand for cosmetics & skin care as it catered to the Indian skin 🙂 . I started using their products probably when i was in Class 10 (I think). My first cosmetics was black liquid eyeliner. Then I started buying lots of their products when i was in college.  I had lots of nail polishes and lip sticks 🙂 . At present, they have introduced lots of products in the market which i really love.

Whenever I am visiting India, I usually browse their brand. And last year when i was visiting, I found their newly released Jewel Eyeliner 🙂 . I really loved it. They are shimmery & Light in colour and that was my only problem but they looked gorgeous. I bought Ametrine (pinky purple), Opal (bright light blue), Jade (green), Gold & Onyx (black). I really love the colours but my problem is that it doesn’t show unless you are near me 😦 . So I am going to experiment by using a dark brown pencil eyeliner first then the colours on top of it. I don’t know how it will look.

But all my friends whoever saw this loved it as well. They are so attractive in colours and I think they will be perfect for summers.

Description of the Product

  • Bejeweled eyes set ablaze by liquid gems.
  • For eyes sparkling with festive preciousness.

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