X-Men Origins: Wolverine

WARNING : This is from a women’s point of view and it incudes talking of HOT men in this movie. Also the word “HOT” will be seen in each & every sentence.

My Review

I saw this movie yesterday and I am in love with Hugh Jackman. God, I couldn’t stop drooling over his body (lol). All the guys in this movie had amazing bodies, you know, all muscles and sexiness (heee). I have always been a fan of action movies and I am so glad I went to a movie theater to watch this movie. The action sequences were amazing and who cares if the critics don’t like this movie. I do and probably 95% of the women out there will like it as well.

This movie is all about how Wolverine/Logan came about. If you have sees the past X-Men movies, then you will probably know that he can’t remember how he became like that and he usually have flashes of his past. This movie tells you about his past. This is the synopsis of the whole movie.

Now moving on to another hot bod of this movie who is Ryan Reynold who plays Wade Wilson who later becomes Deadpool/Weapon XI. Seriously, who knew Ryan had such a hot bod (no wonder Scarlet Johansen married him..lol). I love his last action sequence. The lady who plays Wolverine’s love interest is so beautiful. This movie also introduces Xavier, cyclops & sabertooth who are the characters I recognised. I can’t believe that all the mutant in this movie were so handsome & cute.

After watching the movie, all I can remember is the shirtless Hugh Jackmen (absolute yumm) and second comes all ther other hotter men, third is the action sequence and finally the story. Personally, I thought it was money well spent in watching the movie in a theater so you could drool over hotter guys in big screen.

P.S. If I am to give a theme to this movie, it will be HOT, HOTTER and HOTTEST (lol).


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