Review : Everyday Minerals 2


I have been using the Everyday Minerals foundation for about a month now and i found that the colour which i thought was perfect for me is not the correct match 😦 . I am now using the Buttered Tan and Olive Golden medium. I realised that if I use the other colours my face looks white/pale and it looks odd in the natural light. I realised this when i started using the above mentioned colour. These two are more of yellow based which is what they call warm toned skin (I know.. more makeup artist When I use these two foundation. It evens out my face.

My face has 2 tones in it. My cheeks & nose are pink whereas the rest of my face is more yellow. So i guess using a yellow based foundation looks more natural on my face rather than pink toned one. I have the intensive, semi-matt & original glo formula for the foundation. I like them. It looks good and easy to use. So till now i think these two are my match. I am hoping to order more colours to see if they would suit me better.


Last time i ordered Waffle cone blush and I really don’t like it at all. It is basically a light brown/grey blush with little bit of shimmers. When i apply it,  i can’t see it in my cheeks at all. Maybe its for a fair/pale skin rather than yellow toned skin. Since i got it in a sample kit, I don’t mind. I did use it once as the all over face powder. But still I couldn’t see any difference. I do like the Apple blush which i got it in my first sample kit. Its more pigmented and looks good when applied very lightly 🙂 .


MMM… What can I say? I am not using them at all. It doesn’t give me any coverage and it looks wierd around my eyes if i use it as setting powder after i use my cream concealer. It starts caking around my eyes within an hour or two. So i don’t think i will buy them in a large size at all. But for a sample kit, it was worth trying 🙂 .


Finally, my favourite product ever 🙂 . I absolutely love the brushed i bought (Check out my previous article about the brushes i bought along with the pictures). I don’t know why i didn’t buy it in the first time. I wasted so much money in finding a good powder brush, blush brush, etc. But thank god, I bought this after i read some good review. The review are absolutely true. They are the best brushes ever. You know that the popular brushes are MAC brushes which are so expensive. But I would say this is an excellent alternative. If you buy them in a personal kit, it will be about $ 6  each which is a great bargain. Even so if you want to buy it separately, its only $ 10. And the best thing about this products is that they don’t shed (yayyyy).

The first product I am going to review is the Skunkless Foptic brush which looks like MAC 187 but they say its too long when compared to MAC. This is usually used with the liquid foundation which gives the airbrushed finish in your face. But as this Foptic brush is long, they said they are perfect as a blush brush and it is absolutely true. The blush should look natural and light in your cheeks bones and this brush gives that effect. With the blushes like Apple or my other very pigmented blushes, this brush is prefect for giving the naturally flushed look.

The next brush is the Flat top brush which is perfect for using my mineral foundation. The brush is so dense and thick. Its easy to apply with this brush.

Angled blush brush is also a good one but i mainly use this for highlighting my face or contouring my face with a light bronzing powder. Sometimes i also use this as a blush brush especially for the not so pigmented blushes.

I used the Long Kabuki brush for setting my face or give it a good sweep of my face after all the makeup. It is perfect for using as a foundation brush as well.

Overall, I am in love with the brushes and i guarentee you that they are the best investment :).

P.S. Be sure to wash your brushes regularly at least once a week.


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