Answering some Questions

Everybody asks me what do i do the entire day? And I also wonder the same thing. I actually don’t know how I spend the entire day sitting at home. I am a “Home maker” (fancy smanshy term) with no kids and that why all my friends are curious to know what do I do to keep myself busy.

Well Readers, my day begins at getting up at 1 pm ( I knowww…..) and then feeding my cats. It takes me time to actually wake up, so by 2.30 pm, I am widely awake for lunch andΒ  tea of course πŸ™‚ . Then I usually check my mails, facebook, orkut, my blog and of course my other favourite blogs. Then some times I chat with friends or start reading books. I am booknut (If there is a term like that) I have always been. I read a lot of fiction and I am into ebooks since buying books are expensive πŸ™‚Β  and I have gone through my local library in 2006.

I have differenct taste in books. I like paranormal, historical, contemperary & mystery books and that doesn’t mean I will read anything. The important thing is synopsis of the book should be interesting and then the first chapter should be interesting as well. If its boring by 2 pages, I just close the book. I hated reading Lord of Rings, Harry potter and even Twilight ( I know.. lot of twilight fanatics will kill me for this). I like my books with some humour in it. At present I am loving Vicki Lewis Thompson’s Nerd Series πŸ™‚ .

I finish about 3-4 books in a day depending on my mood. Then watch some videos in YouTube. Then when hubby returns from office, I cook and then we have dinner. We then watch some tv series like Top Gear ( I knoww.. I seriously can recognise names and I have watched every other episode), Simpsons, Β Two and half men or scrubs. We then play with our cats for sometimes, then he goes off to sleep. So then I start reading again till about 3 am and then sleep :).

Some times some of my friends come and visit me in the afternoon for tea or I go to the shopping center if I just need to see some human faces πŸ™‚ . I just browse the shops and notice what new products they got. I always keep an eye for bargains. I do water my plants everyday. And I also watch movies in English, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi. I would watch it if I feel like watching it.

Thats all I am doing, nothing exciting. Most of the days are really boring and I wish I had somebody next door who I can go and talk to πŸ™‚ .


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