Review : Sally Girl Nail Polish

My Review

I bought them in Sally Beauty Supply store in Newry and I absolultely love them 🙂 . I had my eyes on them after watching the review by Beauty Broadcast in YouTube. I bought the colours “Its so me” and “Scandalous”. The first one is the lightest lavender colour which is sheer and the latter is pinky mavue colour which is also sheer. But with 2 coats of nail polishes it looks amazing on your nails.

First off the formula of the nail polish is so smooth and the brush in them is perfect for smooth application whereas some of my expensive ones usually have a streaky application. The packaging is so cute & small which I think is better because you don’t want your nail polishes to be there forever. It is about 5 ml whereas my other nailpolishes are about 10 ml. So literally its half the size but I think its cool because I can finish this off quickly than my other nail polishes.

The only problem was the price 😦 which is about £1.99. I know its a lot for such a small bottle but if you have the Sally’s card ( which is like boots card) its about £0.99 cent which is a bargain. But the other problem is you won’t get the Sally’s Cards unless you are working in the Beauty Industry which is sooooo not fair because in USA anybody can get their card. And the good news is they accept the Sally’s Card which is bought in USA (yayyyy). So the next time hubby goes to USA, I am telling him to get this card 🙂 .

I really loved this shop. Its had about all types of hair and beauty products. I saw some of the CHI styling products on the clearence section 🙂 but i didn’t buy anything because I don’t use any. They also have OPI and China Glaze nail polishes which I want to try for a long time. I will wait till I get the Sally’s Card then buy them.

Finally, If you ask me will I buy them again? Definetely YES.



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