Summer Makeup

The summer can be so hot that if you apply liquid foundation, it can melt when you are outdoor. So I tend to go out with lightly applied mineral foundation all over my face. Recently I have started using the Eyeko 3-in-1 tinted cream. Its basically a highlighter. But what i do is mix them with my moisturiser and apply all over my face which gives it a tanned/summer look 🙂 . All you need is very little otherwise you might end up looking brown. Then I use any blush in pink or peach.

On my eyes, I tend to go for neutral eyeshadow like Frosty Nude by Isadora. Its a mineral eyeshadow which looks very natural almost my eyelid colour followed by Maybelline Brown Liquid eyeliner and Rimmel Mascara.

Then finally I use my Wet and Wild Mega Illuminator in Starlight bronzeall over my face for the extra glow. It looks good in the sunlight and gives the dewy look on your face. This is excellent outdoor makeup.

Follow it up with a nice brown lipstick, either NYX Hedes or Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Bronze. This will give you the natiural look.


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